Kevin Hiselman

My name is Kevin Hiselman and I just graduated from UMass Amherst and I’ve been with YEAA the past three years not entering my fourth. I started when I was a sophomore and had the opportunity to run a $110,000 business. I made a little over $20,000 that summer almost too much money for a college student. I loved my experience and had so much fun. I was invited back my next year in 2020 to be on the executive team in the NE division. I had the opportunity to coach six students in the program. I became a senior executive the next year to help continue building the division and now I am on the full-time team. What I’ve gotten out of this experience is so much, most importance my confidence is through the roof. This internship pushed me out of my comfort zone for the better. I was a very reserved high school student and that has completely changed. It can be hard to recognize our students from when they first come into this internship. My favorite part about this internship is how driven the people are and you meet so many other like minds that are goal-oriented. If you’re interested in pursuring this internship I encourage you to reach out and learn more because it’s different that what corporate America has to offer. You’ll learn a lot and gain a competitive edge on your peer group.