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To Potential YEAA Interns:


I am a Class of 2016 graduate from Miami University with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Farmer School of Business. I love Miami. I will always have fond memories of the friends, teachers, and life lessons I encountered during my time there, both inside the classroom and around Oxford. However, the most important gift Miami gave me during my student years was not memories, it was opportunities.

  • I had the opportunity to serve as President of Pi Sigma Epsilon’s chapter at Miami, and represent our school when I accepted the Lewis F. Gordon Top Chapter in the Nation Award, the Whan Challenger National Leadership Award, and a Resolution from the Ohio House of Representatives for the success of our chapter.

  • I had the opportunity to work on product innovation projects for two Fortune 500 clients during my time as an Altman Scholar intern for The Garage Group, who was recently named one of Fortune Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America.

  • I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador through an FSB study abroad program and consult Social Entrepreneur Corps on the success metrics they use to help poor individuals in rural areas of the country.

  • I had the opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend as both a student and a mentor, which was one of many ways I contributed to the growth of the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

  • I had the opportunity to accept a full-time job before graduation, and move to Chicago where I now work for a reputable market research firm, and lead one of our accounts with a Fortune 100 client. This opportunity can be directly attributed to Career Services, so thank you!

These are just some of the phenomenal opportunities Miami provided me. However, the most important opportunity I received as a student was an internship with Young Entrepreneurs. I worked for Young Entrepreneurs for my first two years of college. Throughout those two years, I started and ran a $355,974 business and earned a significant amount of income to help me pay for school. Even more important than those figures are the valuable lessons about business and life I gained from my internship. It is a well-run program that can benefit any hard-working student, just as it did for me.



Love and Honor,

Ben Arwine

Miami University Class of 2016




Logan Bryant




November 8, 2017



            My name is Logan Bryant and I am a proud alumnus of Miami University. I graduated in 2016 with degrees in Political Science and Economics and am currently pursuing a law degree at The University of Akron School of Law. While a student at Miami University, I was highly involved on campus. I spent four years in the Miami University Men’s Glee Club and the Miami University Marching Band, and I participated in numerous other organizations including a fraternity, service organizations, and other volunteer groups. All of this contributed to my success in life, but the one thing that has contributed most to my personal success was a business internship with Young Entrepreneurs Across America.

            Young Entrepreneurs Across America is a personal development company that turns motivated students into successful business owners. Students are taught all of the real-life skills necessary to run a business by running a painting company over their summer break. These students, given the title of Branch Manager, are recruited on campus in the fall and then attend a three-day training session in February. After that training session, they spend the spring semester marketing their business and sharpening their sales skills under the supervision of a mentor, all while interviewing and hiring a paint crew for the summer. Immediately after finals week, Branch Managers spend their summer running an entire business, frequently with revenues higher than $50,000. This is not an experience a student can get anywhere else.

            My experience with YEAA was even better than this. My first year as a Branch Manager I ran a $71,000 business in New Albany, Ohio. I learned so much in this program that I decided to return as a regional executive and mentor. That second year, I coached two other Branch Managers who ran $50,000 businesses of their own while running my personal $80,000 business. In two summers, I personally oversaw more than $250,000 in revenue and profited more than $30,000. Can you give me an example of another internship where this is possible?

             Throughout this experience, I negotiated contracts of up to $12,000. I gave more than 1,000 painting estimates. I employed a total of 21 painters, eight of whom were Miami students. I learned the discipline it requires to motivate employees. I completed payrolls for my painters. I took calculated risks with my own business; sometimes they worked and sometimes I learned from my mistakes. I didn’t just learn to do these things like you might in a classroom, I actually did them with confidence.

             This internship taught me more than four years of college courses in half the time, and it gave me the skills I needed to get a job in the legal field—yes, the skills I learned in this internship apply to any job one can possibly imagine, including law. I spent the summer after my first year of law school interviewing with over 25 law firms and I didn’t talk about a single thing other than my painting business. After several offers, I accepted a full-time job with one of the largest law firms in Cleveland; Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff. Less than 1% of law students receive a six-figure job offer after their first year of law school; I was personally told that the reason I received mine was because of the drive and motivation I showed running this painting business.

            This company has hundreds of other success stories. YEAA has produced authors, inventors, CEOs, lawyers, investors, salesmen, project managers, data engineers, and all other sorts of entrepreneurs and business owners. We have alumni positioned with Amazon, Target, Qualtrics, Proctor & Gamble, Henry Schein, Hershey’s, Crown Lift Trucks, Aldi, LinkedIn, Oracle, LexisNexis, The New York Yankees, Cintas, Freddie Mac, JP Morgan Chase, Quicken Loans, PwC, Ford, DuPont, Dyno Nobel, Boeing, and many, many more large companies. Our alumni are an amazingly talented group of individuals.

The skills learned by running a painting business with YEAA cannot be gained anywhere else. We at YEAA are fully aware that this internship is not for everyone, but it is for those select few with the motivation and drive that it takes to run a business during college.


Logan Bryant

Miami University, ‘16.


November 17, 2017






            My name is Scott Snyder and I am a 2001 alumnus of Miami University.  When I look back at my college years (1997-2001) both experiences (Miami University education and Young Entrepreneurs Across America) equally shaped who I am today. 


            As a freshman, I attended an informational session for Y.E.A.A. and learned of the opportunity to learn real-life business skills and to seek more for myself than the “typical” college student summer job.  The training and support I received from Y.E.A.A.  was incredible.  Not only did I gain lifelong people and entrepreneurial skills; I also earned enough money to keep paying for my tuition at Miami University. 


            I would highly recommend this program to any student seeking to gain real-life skills and experience in dealing with people and business.  After my freshman year, I continued working with the company for 15+ years.  There is a long track record of student-centered success and first class support and structure. 


If you have any questions please contact me at 937.902.3793. 




Thank you,




Scott M. Snyder 

Miami University Student 1997-2001

Science Teacher (2001-2016)

Y.E.A.A. Branch and District Manager 1997-2013