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Georgia State University

Ian Barcala

My name is Ian Barcala. I am currently a managerial science major at Georgia State University. This year I was given the opportunity through Young Entrepreneurs Across America to work with Student Painters and learn how to run my own business. Alex Dalpiaz came to my accounting class early in the spring and talked to us about learning how to become successful entrepreneurs and I decided to go for it. I was hired in early February and since then I have been able to sharpen my abilities to manage, lead, market, sell, have good customer relations, and build a good workplace environment for my employees. There is such a big difference between learning about running a business and actually doing it and YEAA gave me the opportunity to do just that. I can honestly say that in one summer running my own business with YEAA I have learned more than in the rest of my college career. YEAA also has a community unlike any that I have seen before; every manager that I talked to was excited to come to training events, and wanted to become more of an integral part of the Young Entrepreneur family. Next year I plan on running the Georgia State University team and my goal is to oversee at least a quarter million dollars of business.

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