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Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Justin Vioral

From the beginning of starting Student Painters I was skeptical about how well I would do as well as having the intention to take on something new and difficult for myself. I wanted to stand out above everybody else on a resume after I finished school and I believe this internship has been able to give me an upper hand against others. The experiences that I had this summer were all completely new to me. Some situations that I was put in involved me thinking quickly and outside of the box. That was one thing that set this internship apart from anything that I have ever done before and it really made things interesting. There were many times where I thought about quitting because of some problems that were taking place; but during those times I thought this is what sets me apart from everybody else. Not ever quitting. And if you apply that same attitude with a great work ethic and determination you will get through the summer with a great experience that looks great on a resume for a rewarding future.

Kwame Keith

This summer with Student Painters has been an experience I would not trade for anything, even though it’s been far from an easy ride. Instead of always being the employee, I became the boss and I loved the fact that I got the chance to learn just what it takes to be an effective leader. On top of being a good leader though, I learned how to better interact with everyone around me, how to diffuse difficult situations, and most importantly I learned just what I am truly capable of. On top of all of that I have made more money this summer than I have any other summer and gained an excellent story to go along with it. I have learned so much about myself and I know for sure now there is not a single thing that I cannot do after the summer I have had. There may have been countless hurdles I have had to leap over to make it to the end, but I have made it and I could not be any happier with the outcome. For anyone striving to separate him or her self from the crowd and prove just how much you are willing to do to succeed, this internship is for you. You may have to push yourself harder than you ever have, but it will be worth it in the end.

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