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Indiana University

Caleb Tichenor

I ran a business in Evansville, Indiana. I ran a $70,000 branch while profiting $15,000. The amount of experience I gained this year in business was amazing. This internship helped develop my leadership, time management, and communications skills immensely. It was hard work getting my branch started at the beginning of the year, but I pushed through to the very end. Making it all the way through this internship gave myself a sense of pride that I've never experienced before. I feel very confident in my skill-sets I learned from Student Painters and feel like I have a huge leg up on my peers that did other kinds of internships. I will be returning as an executive for Student Painters in 2020 and am looking forward to working with the next generation of branch managers.


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Nick Blundell

I sometimes still think to myself in disbelief about the fact that I, as a college sophomore, launched and ran my very own business and produced over $80,000 in the
span of three short months. This internship has truly changed my life, from my perspective on life to my decisions. I can honestly say this is internship is the best internship available to ANY college student, for several reasons. The opportunities for
growth, taking on incredible responsibilities, and unforgettable memories all played
a substantial role into my life and how it changed. Before this internship, I was one of
the most shy and reserved people you have met. I hated it, but I was too uncomfortable
to change. But that’s what this internship is all about: getting out of your comfort
zone so that you can learn things you never would have without. Now I find myself
talking to a lot more people, making connections and making lasting friendships that
wouldn’t have existed had it not been for YEAA. I can honestly say that this is the
most challenging internships you will ever have, and for that reason, it is by far the
best internship opportunity you will ever have. It was the best decision I ever made to
accept this position.


Connor Mills

Growing up I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship. When I met my mentor
Michael Plunkett outside of a cafeteria my freshman year of college, I never thought I
would look at him 12 months later after running a 55k + business in just a summer.
Student Painters challenged me to be the best version of myself every day and in return
I feel like I’ve grown as a person and as an entrepreneur. There were many times
along the way where I struggled with something or felt defeated from a cold streak I
was in but Michael refused to let me quit. This internship is unique because its not
common that someone gives you the full guidance to start up a business but also lets
you run it like your own. With persistence and the right attitude, I was able to overcome all of the obstacles thrown my way. I know that every flyer, door hanger, estimate, customer stop-by etc. helped me become a better businessman for the future
and I’m grateful to everyone at student painters for the opportunity.


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Nick Tanner

After spending a year with Student Painters, I can honestly say its been one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I was scouted out of Indiana University my Freshman year and hired by October. By January, I was already on my way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I spent the first four months dropping flyers, cold calling, and placing lawn signs just so I would have enough business to open in my home town. And by the time May came around, I barely had enough business to get started. Instead of discouraging me, it only made me work harder towards achieving my goals. I spent the next month improving my sales technique, fine-tuning the way I completed house estimates, and scouting the finest painting crew in Indiana. By the end of May, I had tripled my sales and had earned the confidence to continue running my business. Over the rest of the summer, I faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I had my entire crew resign at once. I painted a house the wrong color. At one point, I even ordered $600 of the wrong paint. But every time I felt the urge to give up and cut my losses, my mentor helped me stay on my feet and finish strong. Although I wasn’t able to meet my initial production goal of $75,000, I ended my summer with invaluable knowledge and experience that can’t be taught in a classroom. I made lifelong friends and lasting connections with Sherwin Williams. I wouldn’t trade my summer with Student Painters for anything in the world. I can honestly say it helped make me the man I am today.


Justin Cook

My first year with Student Painters has been far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.  The experience gained through this internship is unlike anything that a college course or previous job has taught me.  Having the opportunity to run my own business and learn valuable skills in marketing, management, and communication is well worth the hard work to be successful.  My decision to join Student Painters and run a business has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.  If you want to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time, then I recommend Student Painters to any college student.


Andrew Kraick

This was my second summer with the company, and my experience was just as great. Because of my success the previous summer within the internship, I was given the responsibility of overseeing all production in the Fort Wayne area.  It was extremely rewarding watching my team grow from knowing nothing about management to combining to produce nearly a quarter of the Indiana Division's revenue. Being able to oversee such a large amount of revenue while still in college shows the growth from within available to interns, and, now that I've graduated, I have accepted the GM of Indiana position. The continual upward growth not only benefits current students, but allows veteran interns the opportunity to graduate with a full-time career waiting for you.


Ryann Hill

Going into my freshman year at Indiana University, I was excited about all the opportunities that college had to offer. However, all my expectations fell flat compared to the opportunity to run my own business through YEAA. Originally being a Neuroscience major with plans for med school, I never would have thought that Student Painters would have been something that I wrapped myself into. Being a branch manager this summer has taught me more than I could ever learn in four years of schooling. The experiences, challenges, and rewards are nothing that can be described without being involved first hand.  I gained a broad understanding about managing people, time, and situations, as well as learning a substantial amount about business in the real word. Since I’ve spent this summer with Student Painters, I’m confident that my future, regardless of the field I choose to study, is bright from all the knowledge, perspective, and assurance I’ve gained from Student Painters.




Oliver Sutter

Student painters was one of the most influential experiences of my life. I learned more in 4 months with this internship than I did with 2 years of college classes. This internship really does mature you 10 years. I've never felt more prepared for the real world after this summer. There really isn't a more satisfying experience than being able to run your own business at this age. Forget the same old summer job, this will give you knowledge and experience you can't buy. You can get all this while having fun being your own boss. 




Mike Roberts

I have the amazing opportunity to help college students realize their entrepreneurial potential through the hands on experience of launching their own business.  I am able to coach them side by side as they take the leap from learning about entrepreneurship to becoming real life entrepreneurs.  While a college education can create a solid foundation of knowledge when it comes to running a business, the hands on experience gained from our internship far exceeds anything that could be learned from lectures, courses, exams, and books found in the traditional university setting.  Our interns are able to take everything that they’ve been taught and apply it to real life situations.  Through hard work, determination, and the desire to succeed, our interns realize what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs in the real world.

Casey Domek

I was going through my sophomore year at IU relentlessly searching for internship opportunities and when I learned of Student Painters January of that year, I jumped at the unique opportunity. I was ready to build my skill set and be marketable to future employers. Student Painters helped me do this, and I have improved communication between employees and homeowners, selling and management, and my confidence is through the roof. I dealt with situations that I was not comfortable with and that allowed me to grow and see what I was capable of. I was helped by some great Executives that allowed my experience to go as smooth as possible and teach me the ins and outs of running a business. I now believe I can accomplish anything I set out to do. Few college students get the opportunity to run their own business and experience real life situations that college doesn’t teach you. Becoming an entrepreneur is a stressful task to take on, but I can look back on my summer and be proud of what I accomplished.”



James Welch

YEAA tells you, you get to run your own business, and they mean it.  They don’t micromanage you but rather give you the freedom to make your own decisions. As a result you get to learn from your mistakes and successful decisions and mature more in six months than you will in the rest of your college career.  It’s not easy, and requires you to take accountability of yourself as well as your workers. However if you stick to it and push yourself to run the best business you can, you should come out of the internship with hands on knowledge in almost every aspect of business and hopefully a little bit of money in your pocket.


Kyle Principe

After my second year with Young Entrepreneurs Across America I have gained even more experience in running my own business. After successfully running a $60,000 branch my rookie year I wanted to take it to the next level my second year as an executive with the company. This summer I produced $60,000 again with my branch but I also managed four rookie managers. In total I was able to manage nearly $200,000 in business for YEAA. Before joining this company I couldn't even imagine having that sort of impact while still being in school. YEAA has given me the opportunity to do something special and truly stand out from many of my classmates. Thanks again YEAA!


Austin Galm

It didn't hit me until after the training seminar early in the second semester of my freshman year that I would be running my own business in just a few months--the business cards that we were given made it so surreal. I never really thought that I would run my own business especially at the young age of 18 and there is no way that I would have ever survived without the help of the people at Student Painters and YEAA. Every training seminar that we had I went in timid, unorganized, and scatterbrained but after every single one I came out confident, clear of mind and with a plan. I wouldn't trade the experience that I have gained this summer for anything. It is that invaluable kind of experience that everyone needs to have and YEAA makes it possible to reach very early. This internship provided me with a sense of direction and gave me the drive to pursue goals and ideas that were once just dreams in my mind.


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