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Miami University

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Seth Mayer

Student Painters is a wild ride. As a past manager I can say that I have grown tremendously both as a business student and a person. I managed a 75k business while profiting over 16k. Being able to write that on a resume will undoubtedly set me apart from other applicants in a job inter-view. I have learned so many important lessons from this internship and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to build up your resume while also earning a ton of money over the sum-mer.

Max Chudzinski

Student Painters has provided me with all the tools I needed to become a successful entrepreneur over the summer. Classifying this internship as “unique” is an understatement. There is no other program for college students that provides you with the support network and skills to run your own business. All you need to do is supply the work ethic. If you are dedicated to your business then student painters is dedicated to you. One of the best parts of being a young entrepreneur is realizing all the old sayings you have heard such as “you get out what you put in” and “hard work pays off” ring true. This is not a 9-5 internship. It can be challenging. However, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks and there is no limit to what you can achieve. In February 2019 I was a rising senior with a strong work ethic, a weak resume, and no interviews. I went to an info session on a whim, skeptical, as I had zero experience running any sort of business. Two interviews and a few weeks later I was in Michigan going through training. Fast for-ward to the end of summer, as a first year manager I ran an $84,000 business and profited over $15,000. Student painters gives you the tools to success on a silver platter. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

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Kyle Kolb

Working with Student Painters this past season has allowed me to satisfy a true goal of mine, to run a successful business. The amount I have grown as an individual, entrepreneur, leader, and mentor is greater than I’ve ever felt before. The Student Painters Program puts no-cap on how greatly you can learn and succeed in such a small period of time. In the beginning, I was provided with the basics of a strong business model, so I started planning and took the reins from there. You really get out what you put in, just like they say from the beginning. In my case running a $50,000+ business while profiting $11,000 (22%) during my junior year summer break.

Ben Arwine

I was drawn to Student Painters because they are built around developing young men and women into successful business people unlike most companies whose internships are merely summer jobs. This job has not only taught me more about business than I have learned in the classroom, but has also provided an environment for me to work on and improve my leadership and decision making skills. I ran a successful business and loved doing it. This job was a wonderful challenge that I would recommend to anyone who is hard working and high achieving. Having finished, I have a strong resume, valuable experience, and money in my pocket, over $8,000.

Mat Harvey

My name is Mat Harvey and I successfully ran a business generating revenue over $60,000 in my first year as an entrepreneur during the summer. I randomly received a strange email during my sophomore year regarding a chance to run my own business and despite being skeptical, I chose to take a leap of faith, and it proved to be the biggest opportunity I have ever had for my career. I went from not even being able to hold a paintbrush correctly to convincing homeowners to give me several thousands of dollars at a time as a complete stranger—all in a matter of a few months. To say this internship consists of a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs is an incredible understatement, but through these issues, whether they are with painters, customers, or personal issues, I can honestly say I have developed unmatched problem-solving skills and maturity that my peers won’t be able to have until years after they graduate. Student Painters has given me tremendous experience managing people, time, and customers.  It has truly shown me the difference between managing and leading, and it has also shown me how hard I can push myself when I want to do something. With just a few months of running an entire business, I can confidently say I have the experience that my peers will have to wait YEARS to develop, putting me far ahead in terms of jobs and a resume. The internship has allowed me to mature personally and professionally in so many ways that a paragraph could not possibly explain. Regardless of your major or career hopes, if you are a driven, ambitious person wanting to get ahead, I highly recommend taking a leap of faith as I did. My only regret with Student Painters is that I did not find the opportunity sooner. The only person stopping you from accomplishing the unthinkable is you. Just do it.

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