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Ohio State University

Brittany Piening

At the age of 19 years old, I was able to run a successful business with absolutely zero real world experience coming in. I ran a $75,000 business this past summer while profiting over $10,000. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do something like this at such a young age, but I am so grateful and blessed to have gone through this internship. I changed as a person both in a professional and personal manner for the better and learned so much about myself in the past 6 months. I know that I have a story that makes me stand out to employers and I don’t regret a single step of this journey!

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Justin Miner

In my time with Student Painters I have had more fun, made more money, and most importantly grown more than in any other job I’ve ever had. I was able to run a $77,000 business and profit over $12,000 after my junior year of college with little to no previous business experience. I was set up very well for success thanks to the tireless and thorough support system set up by the company. I have made life-long friends and had some of the best times of my life while running my business. I could not recommend this internship more to anyone who wants to experience huge personal growth and have a blast in the process.

Lydia Schlatter

Student Painters has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to run my own business at 19 years old. I was able to sell and produce over $75,000 in one summer and profited around $10,000. It was hard work but I learned that if I was determined to succeed the sky was the limit. In addition to the business and management skills I gained, I also learned time management, great communication, and many more important life lessons. I know I will be successful in whatever I do because I was able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could with this company. If you’re looking for a challenge and an experience that will completely change you, then Student Painters will not disappoint.

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Simon Fraser

My name is Simon Fraser, and I've just succeeded in my first summer as an entrepreneur. At the end of the summer, my business generated a revenue of over $60,000, while profiting over $12,000. One year ago, I never would have pictured myself having accomplished a feat like this. At only 19 years old, I can confidently say that not only my resume, but my newly fine-tuned skill set can set me apart from most college students. This summer gave me a broad range of real world experience which can be applied to almost any situation in life. Taking on this internship showed me how hard I can push myself, gave me leadership skills and so much more. To any motivated, hard-working and driven person, I HIGHLY recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeing what you're capable of; you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Eric Fraser

I have worked for Student Painters and YEAA since January 2013. My first year I ran a $60,000 business and made almost $12,000. The business and interpersonal skills I learned my first year were matched and exceeded by the skills I learned my second year when I made over $20,000. Growing through this company has made me realize my passion for business and leadership, while making enough money to become financially independent. I was pushed out of my comfort zone more than I would have ever thought possible and have grown more personally and professionally at the age of 20 than the vast majority of my peer group. This is the hardest internship you will undertake, but if you are the kind of person who relishes competition, values hard work, and is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, I challenge you to take this opportunity on. The chance to run your own business is a privilege not offered to many. It is not for the faint of heart, but if you have a desire to push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow in all the ways that I did, I highly recommend it.

Alex Tabar

When I first heard about Student Painters, I was initially skeptical. However, I decided to attend the info session anyway to see what our was about. After talking to some of the former executives I saw this was a great opportunity for college students who were willing to work hard, while at the same time getting real life experience that applies to almost any job in any field, the fact that if you work hard and put in the time you will make real good money. When I told my parents about accepting this internship, they too were skeptical because I am going to school for engineering, and they wanted me too get a job doing that. After setting how hard I worked and how after some ups and downs, I started to read the rewards of my efforts and ended up running a 70,000 business and profited over 15,000 dollars. If your looking to get an internship this summer and want to make good money and are willing to put in the time to be successful, then I highly recommend this internship!

Daniel Maue

My name is Daniel Maue, and this past summer I have learned and applied more skills directly relating to being a professional adult than all four years of a college degree could hope to provide for me. This is because skills like this have to be developed and practiced, they cannot be absorbed from a text book. I just ran a $45,000 business bringing home over $8,000. This is one of the first opportunities that I've had that I can say has truly tested my limits and in the process I have matured and grown in ways I could have never imagined. I've developed a confidence in talking to strangers, building relations, and in taking on responsibility through leadership. I've learned the skills and born the responsibility necessary to follow through on commitments bigger than myself. This is not an easy internship and success does not come without hard work. But if hard work for a high payout excites you; then take the next step to do what few people will, so you go places many can't.

David Karanja

As I write this testimonial I am just returning from booking a $1,580 job and I am just 7k away from my goal of running an $80,000 business in my hometown. It's crazy to look at my company Facebook page and see just how much I have been able to accomplish in the last 7 months thanks to Student Painters. I have put together a team of marketers and 2 crews of painters, gotten a mayor proclamation, a news article, been in the 4th of July Parade of my hometown and been able to put my own creative touch on everything. This is one of the hardest experiences a college student could put himself through and it will bring you down but if you keep pushing through it will be the most rewarding thing that you have ever done. The best part is that no one is alone since you can feel how much your mentor, vice president and even the CEO cares about not only your goals but also your well being. You will conquer fears that you have had in your life (for me it was being confrontational) and grow in so many ways and no matter how much you produce you will be proud to have been part of such a great organization. You will be equipped with plenty of stories and for future employers since you handled: marketing, accounting, customer service, public relations, human resources, etc. But after a year with Student Painters when you feel like you climbed Everest as you start to climb back down with a shifted comfort zone you might very well come back to teach someone else how to run a business. 

Isaac Rager

My 2014 summer with Student Painters was a summer full of challenges and difficulties that formed an experience I will never forget. While working as a branch manager I not only improved my resume significantly, but I also gained numerous skills that will set me apart from my peers. More importantly, I have matured and prepared myself to succeed in my long term goal of being an entrepreneur. When I decided to take on the challenge I had some doubt as to whether I could succeed or not, but with Student Painters providing the essential tools, structure, and guidance I was able to run a $90,000+ business while profiting over $18,000. This internship takes a great amount of dedication and hard work but the reward of running your own business is incredible. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur someday, I highly recommend taking on this internship and getting a taste of what it takes to run a successful business.

Michael Plunkett

My name is Michael Plunkett, and I am proud to say I am not only a current student at The Ohio State University but also a successful entrepreneur as this past summer comes to a close.  After generating a revenue of nearly $50,000 and profiting almost $8,000 it is crazy to think what can be accomplished in less than a year when given the right tools and support.  This experience was so much more for me than a summer job or internship, it was an opportunity to not only better my resume but better myself as well.  When learning more about this job this past year as a 19 year old, everyone that I spoke with kept stressing the fact that I will be working harder than ever before.  Fast forward a couple months and I can say they are 100% right.  This being said, for a motivated and hardworking individual this opportunity gives them the chance to not only reach their goals, but to go above and beyond what they ever imagined.  “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon.” – Paul Brandt

Josh Drushel

“Student Painters has been a life changing experience for me.  I firmly believe that no other job opportunity that I may have had could have prepared me for the real world as much as this one has.  After running a $77,000 business this summer and profiting over $18,000 I feel that I am ready for any job offer that I may receive.  I am looking forward to growing my business even more this next summer as a regional manager and helping new rookie managers realize how rewarding this experience can be.  I owe Student Painters so much.  I know now that when it comes time to interview for a full-time job that I will have so much confidence in myself.  There is no way that any other candidate applying for the same position could possibly have the experience that I gained after this summer.  I would definitely recommend Student Painters to any MOTIVATED college student.  Unfortunately this job is not for everyone.  But, for any student willing to put in the time and commitment to brighten your future then go for it.  You will not regret it!”

Chris Wiser

Having the opportunity to become a Branch Manager for Student Painters has provided me a truly transformational experience. The personal and professional skills attained refute any idea that you are simply ‘running a painting business.’ Personally, the improvement of my problem solving, business acumen, and general maturity prove skills gained exclusively from an internship such as Student Painters. Becoming immersed in such an inspirational culture was the unique influence required to drive my success within the program. The responsibility of overseeing $75,000 in revenue, working with amazing homeowners and painters, and accumulating $15,000 in profit was truly a blessing. Regardless of your goal for this internship, optimism and work ethic will award achievement of your aspirations. If you have any questions about what this experience could look like for you, please feel free to give me a call at (614) 805-6768.


Cole Zavar

The first thing that caught my eye about Student Painters was the opportunity to run my own business which is something I had always dreamed of doing. I never saw myself accomplishing that dream until I was far older, and the entire program sounded too good to be true. I was slightly skeptical at first but the more I learned about the program the more realistic it seemed. My mentor and I checked out a house over the winter and when we came back out to paint it in the spring the homeowner said I wasn’t even the same person. For me the biggest benefit from my summer as a branch manager was the huge amount of personal growth that came with running my own business. No other internship could help you learn as much as Student Painters, and very few would let you earn as much money ($15,000). I seriously recommend at the very least looking into the program to discover for yourself how awesome of an opportunity this is.


Peter Schanz

Through my experience with Student Painters I’ve learned more than I ever did in a classroom. I ran a $49,000 business and profited close to $9,000. This experience tested me in every way, and through all of my struggles and problems, it made me a stronger person and a more experienced adult. Learning to run your own business is an opportunity that not everyone gets, and the reward is well worth the effort. When I started, I had literally no idea what I was doing and made a lot of mistakes, but overcoming those mistakes is what makes the experience worth it. Honestly, I devoted close to 80% of everyday to my business. Your business is what you make it, but if you want to make a good business you really have to put the time and effort into it, and if you are just looking for a quick and easy $10,000 and barely having to learn anything this summer, you better keep looking because the only way to really get the most out of it is to work harder than anyone else and really focus on what you’re doing. I promise you though, if you work as hard as I did this summer, you’ll be the only thing your family talks about at dinner, because it sounds incredibly cool to say you ran your own $49,000 business and talk about your experiences.


Will Chun

When I decided to take on Student Painters as an internship I truly had no idea what I was getting into. I’ve faced more challenges, frustrations, and setbacks than I had in my entire life up to this point. This job will require nothing, but your best. That is why I am so incredibly happy I took this internship on this summer. I learned more about myself, and about what it takes to run a business than I ever would if I had been stuffed in a cubicle at some corporate office. This summer has allowed me to grow in so many ways, from efficient management of people, time, and also through gaining vital hands on experience with customers. This internship has catapulted me ahead of my peers, and I am light years ahead of where I would be had I done anything, but Student Painters this summer. Through all the hardships I promise you will not find something that will grow you more as a person or as a professional.


Cole Mackay

I could describe my experience with Student Painters in so many different ways. The experience that I had was incredibly dynamic. I wasn’t always successful through my term in running my own branch of the company; I had many lows that I was never sure that I could come back from. Each of these lows was different too, which meant that every time I felt myself struggling, I was never prepared to overcome my impending obstacle. The one similarity in each and every one of my low points was that I was able to overcome them. Student Painters created an environment in which failure was not an option. I was pushed further outside of my comfort zone than I ever thought I could go. This is what was so amazing about my experience. I learned so much about business, leadership, and myself throughout this experience. I think that I came out of the internship an entirely new person. Despite all of the obstacles that I faced, I was able to run a $45,000 business in a very competitive painting market. One of the most incredible parts of this internship was that I was able to succeed or fail on my own account. This separates Student Painters from all other internships. The independence that I had this past summer was the reason that I learned as much as I did. I would describe this experience as being the most life-changing experience that I have ever been through. I will never forget how much I appreciate everything that Student Painters has done for me, and I am incredibly excited to apply my new skills to every other aspect of my life.


Tara Vezina

As a freshman in college, I needed something to push me in the direction of success. I found this internship with Student Painters and I will be forever thankful. This summer I ran my business in West Chester, OH working with hundreds of people along the way. My self-discipline, motivation, and persistence is at an all-time high as I am finishing out the summer.  After dealing with the adversities that come with running your own business, I now truly believe that I can do and accomplish anything. This summer challenged me more than I have ever been challenged before. You will find hardships and you will find yourself stuck; but everything has an answer. There is always a solution and the most fun part of it all is when you find the solution and watch everything fall perfectly into place. I promise the feeling of running your own business is like no other and saying that I ran a $70,000 business while profiting $11,000 is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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