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Steve Acorn 

CEO/Director of Expansion 

As President of the company for over 30 years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with students from all over the Midwest. Being able to mentor and guide them in finding their true potential as young business men and women is extremely rewarding. This is an outstanding opportunity for the right person. If you have heart, desire, and a hard work ethic, it is amazing what can be achieved. It is very exciting to watch the growth of the student managers throughout their career with Student Painters. Each Manager can tell an incredible story to any full-time employer once they have completed their journey with Young Entrepreneurs Across America. A story that will definitely set them apart from their peers. When they graduate and go out in the real world, I look forward to finding out what career path they have chosen and how being a part of YEAA helped them achieve their goals.

Young Entrepreneurs Across America has given me the amazing opportunity to train, mentor, and help develop many of the future leaders of tomorrow.  It is incredible to see what a young college student can accomplish with a little belief, proper training, and a ton of ambition.  It is equally incredible to see where many of our alumni are at today after taking on this challenge throughout college and the doors that it has helped open for them because of the incredible story they can tell.  It is for these reasons that we are able to bring incredible passion to our jobs each and every day as we truly make a difference for America's ambitious college students.  What will your story be?

Josh Drushel

Vice President

Aaron Acorn

Vice President

I began working for Young Entrepreneurs Across America in 2007 and over the course of the last 11 years I have had the chance to help coach over 80 Interns and watch them become successful entrepreneurs. As a freshman at Michigan State University, Young Entrepreneurs Across America gave me real-world business skills that cannot be fulfilled in any class on a college campus. I was able to develop management, marketing, sales, and customer relationship skills in practice whereas all my peers only could in theory. From the beginning I have loved the YEAA system: I am free to manage my time how I please and what I put into my business is what I get out of it. During my first summer, I made over $15,000 and ran a business of $77,000 as a freshman. Now I get the opportunity every year to help other students realize their potential and separate themselves from the rest of their peer group.

Ryan Shepherd

General Manager

As a sophomore in college, I began my journey with Young Entrepreneurs Across America as a branch manager.  I was given the opportunity to run my own business for my first real-life work experience where the “buck” stopped with me. I love this company because of the experience it provides to college students, the growth opportunity, and the Work Hard, Play Hard culture. The set of skills that branch managers are able to take away is something that is unique to this internship with YEAA.  The program taught me things both as a manager and mentor that cannot be learned in a classroom without getting out and gaining real-world experience. Having the opportunity to work with driven college students and seeing them being successful is one of the most awarding experiences I could ever have.  I am looking forward to continuing my role as the general manager of the Ohio/Kentucky Division and helping other college students attain the same success I’ve had. 

My name is Mat Harvey, 2016 graduate of Miami University, and I am a General Manager of the Ohio division. I was an intern with the program for two years prior to leaving to work at ALDI as a District Manager. My first year with Young Entrepreneurs Across America, I ran a $60,000 business and made $6k in Galloway, OH, while my second year I oversaw $252,000 in revenue and made $30k. After realizing what I wasn't getting out of my full-time job with ALDI, I came back to YEAA to join full time because of the passion I have for mentorship and running my own business. This business isn't for everyone, but for those crazy enough to believe it is, it is a life-changing opportunity.

Mat Harvey

General Manager

Austin Lesak

General Manager

My 4th year in college is when I started my journey with Young Entrepreneurs Across America. Given the opportunity to run my own business at only 22 years old was a great experience. I ran about a $71,000 business my first year while making about 10K in Streetsboro Ohio. Coming back my second year with the company I oversaw a $287,000 company and made about 30k. I love this company so much. I have learned so much and am very excited to continue the growth as a general manager for the Ohio and Pennsylvania division. I love how this program has changed so many young college students lives and that is the main reason for me to continue working for this company for a very long time.

Ian McCarthy

General Manager

I saw the opportunity to become an executive as an incredible way to grow on personal and professional level. I love the culture of the company and I get to surround myself with an incredible network of high achieving individuals. I am a firm believer in the fact that we are the average of our 5 closest friends and the people I have met through this company have taken me to the next level. The second reason I chose to return as an executive was because I was looking for a position that gave me lots of accountability and a way to grow my resume. I spoke with quite a few alumni about their experience working as an executive, many of them attributed there achievements after Student Painters to the experience they gained from there time as an executive. In my first year as an executive I oversaw $280,000 between myself and a team of 3 branch managers. Between my branches profit and my executive compensation I made about $29,000 that summer. The role in year one is very focused on making things happen. In year two that transitions to teaching others to make things happen. Developing the ability to inspire others to make things happen was a huge step forward in my development as a leader.

I am responsible for Financial Reports, Financial Systems, training and maintaining all Divisions Office Managers and support staff, and Event planning including the annual tropical awards banquet/trip. I started at Young Entrepreneurs while attending Oakland University. I feel very fortunate to have been part of the YEAA business since 1993. The most gratifying part of the business is seeing the next generation of managers come through. These young Entrepreneurs are very motivating and make this company new and dynamic each year.

Sara Acorn

Office Controller

I started working for Young Entrepreneurs Across America in May of 2009. I was a full-time college student looking for work while I was home for the summer. Upon graduating from Michigan State University, I chose to join the YEAA team full time. My full time employment over the last 8 years has been very rewarding and a life changing experience. In 2020 I have taken a new role as the Office Consultant as I transition into becoming an Entrepreneur myself. I am excited to help the team in a new way! 

Natalie MacRitchie

Office Consultant


Victoria Meagher

Assistant Office Manager

I started working for Young Entrepreneurs Across America in the summer of 2016 as an administrative assistant,  I am now a part of their full-year staff as an Assistant Office Manager and have learned so much. This company has helped me grow as an individual giving me opportunities I could never imagine. I'm excited to see what this coming year has to offer me and everything that I will learn. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities this company and my YEAA family has given me.






Throughout my history with Young Entrepreneurs Across America, I have grown so much as a businesswoman and person. I have built great relationships and led a group of peers to do astonishing things. The amount of growth a student can go through in a short amount of time with this program is remarkable. It changes how you think, speak and act. It has opened my eyes to the lifestyle as an entrepreneur. I won't go back. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is willing to take on the challenge and develop themselves past their peers.

Rachel Fillo

Administrative Specialist 

I started working for Student Painters in the Recruiting Department during the Fall of 2014. I enjoyed that so much I decided I would continue my journey with the company throughout the summer and years to come. I am currently attending Central Michigan University where I hope to start a career as a special education teacher for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Student Painters has taught me many skills that I will continue to use in the future.  I have enjoyed my time so far with this company and can’t wait to see what other great things this opportunity has to offer. 

Alyssa Capling

Administrative Specialist

In 2016 I was hired on seasonally for promotional videos with Young Entrepreneurs Across America. I was hired into the Student Painters office in the spring of 2020 as an Administrative assistant. Currently, I attend Michigan State University and am studying pre-Law. I hope to learn and gain skills that I will need throughout my life with this position at Student Painters. I am very excited to see where this experience takes me.

Laura Acorn

Administrative Assistant

I have previously worked with Student Painters on their yearly Award Celebration Video and I am currently working as an Administrative Assistant. I attend Michigan State University and study Supply Chain Management. It's awesome to work on a team with such hard workers.  I am looking forward to learning and growing throughout my experience with the Young Entrepreneurs.

Christina Daniels

Administrative Assistant

I was hired as an administrative assistant for the Student Painters office in the spring of 2020. I am currently a sophomore at Grand Valley State University, majoring in Public Relations. I am very eager to gain lifelong skills through this company that I will carry with me into the future.

Reilly Lewis

Administrative Assistant

I was hired by Student Painters as an Administrative Assistant in the summer of 2020.  I attend Liberty University in Virginia and study Biomedical Science.  I am very excited for the opportunity to expand my skills and meet new people while working at this company.

Brooke TerMarsch

Administrative Assistant

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