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Southern Illinois


Chris Moore

In my 3 years with Young Entrepreneurs Across America I have gained more knowledge and experience than any classroom would ever teach me. The hands on experience gained here at YEAA is incredible. They have a great support staff to help with any questions you may have and to help you in running your business. I never thought that upon graduating college I could say I have overseen $500,000 in gross revenue for a company. Young Entrepreneurs has been a life changing experience for me. Aside from receiving a full time job from them as the General Manager of the Midwest Division, they have transformed me into a mature, professional, and responsible person. The lessons learned in this internship are valuable throughout many aspects of life, aside from just the business world. I have learned what running and managing a business entails and how businesses operate on a daily basis. I have had the pleasure of also getting experience to oversee multiple businesses to gain knowledge of what it is like to be a middle level manager. I am so thankful for the opportunity YEAA has given me, and have successfully made the most of my time here. YEAA is a great company that provides a unique opportunity for students to learn how to run a business with no risk to themselves. 

Joe Schuit

This past year with Student Painters has been one of the most exciting and valuable experiences of my life. The immense amount of information and experience that I have received through this internship has prepared me for the business world more than any college course could teach me. This is the reason I am coming back for a second year as a district manager. I simply couldn't think of one reason not to. I have not heard of any other internship that gives college students this amount of responsibility, along with the potential for great pay. I am very proud of my accomplishments and excited for the upcoming year with Student Painters.




Grant Kueker

My first summer with Student Painters has been a very pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Now that I think about it, experience is a very good word to describe the Student Painters summer internship. You meet a lot of very interesting people, very nice people, and some not so nice people, but for the most part managers walk away with the ability to talk to clients, and provide the best customer service that is possible. I feel that this is what I have taken away from Student

Painters because it will help me in my future career decisions. I learned how hard it is balance everything that comes with running a small business, and fortunately it worked out pretty well for me. Things went wrong as they always will at times, but in the end I learned how to adapt and adjust to any situation that was thrown at me. If anything Student Painters helped me explore my own abilities and take opportunities that I would not have had the chance to take if not for Student Painters.


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