University of Connecticut

Xavier Cole

I joined YEAA as a sophomore at UConn and had the opportunity to run a $63,000 business while profiting over $12,000 in one summer. This internship really taught me what it takes to succeed in the work force. Every day was a challenge and required me to focus on many different aspects of the business. From marketing, budgeting, sales, customer communication, I was able to truly call myself an entrepreneur after this process. It was amazing to be able to work with so many like minded business professionals. I am beyond thankful for the insight, experience, and skills that this internship was able to provide me. The experience really made me realize how essential
it is to crush goals, manage time, and taking full accountability as a leader. I look forward to continuing to develop as a person, leader, and professional while with this company.

Benjamin Steenkamp

I started YEAA as a freshman at UConn Storrs and ran a $75,000 business while profiting over $15,000. Looking back on my summer it was an unbelievable experience that allowed me to grow and mature as a person at a level I couldn’t imagine. This internship has truly changed my life for the best. The experience you get from this internship is unparalleled and it really sets you apart from your peers. All the skills that I’ve learned from it are things you can’t ever expect to learn in a classroom, they’re all skills you get from just going out and working. I wouldn’t trade this experience in for anything.