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University of Missouri

David Ploesser

After my second summer interning with Young Entrepreneurs Across America, I have learned even more valuable business skills that couldn’t have been taught in the classroom. My role as an Executive Manager allowed me to further explore my ability to grow as a business leader and pursue my passion for entrepreneurship. With the help of my mentor and the company standing behind my decisions, I was able to successfully oversee 8 employees and produce $75,000 in revenue in about 3 months of production. I ran payrolls for both my crew and the Branch Managers that were overseen by me. YEAA really allowed me to run a business and make decisions that would affect different outcomes. Although each business is overseen directly by an Executive Manager, interns are truly able to feel the sense of business management and control their day-to-day activities. My schedule was 100% directed by me based upon what I chose to do during the day. Each intern is allowed to run any size business they choose, and their decisions directly affect how profitable they will be. I have truly enjoyed working for YEAA, and feel my knowledge gained as an intern is irreplaceable.

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