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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Tom Walker III

When I first joined YEAA I wanted to develop as a business leader first and foremost. And boy did I get just that. I went from the guy that would paint a whole side of a house just to make sure it was done right, to a guy that cultured and coached others to do just that. I learned to work smarter not harder and lead by example. I was challenged by the hundreds of variables that go wrong when you’re an entrepreneur. Each one a new discouraging road block that I could either work through or give up on. YEAA gave me the tools to overcome those blocks and strengthen myself as a leader and manager of people. Through this internship I was able to run a 52,000 dollar business and manage ten talented individuals. To anyone that wants to gain confidence and experience in running their own business, or really if someone just wants to change their life, this internship is absolutely worth considering.​

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