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 University of

North Carolina-Charlotte

Harrison Bonner

After a spring and summer with Student Painters I have probably learned more about myself than anything.  I learned how quitting is not an option, and how to overcome mental barriers to continue pushing towards a dream. Being able to overcome my own doubts that would sometimes form in my own mind, is what I believe will carry with me forever because the easiest thing to do is to quit, but once you do it once, you allow yourself to think it is an option forever.  I would definitely recommend this internship to someone who is looking for a challenge and is willing to step out of their comfort zone and do something that I don’t personally feel many people could accomplish.  In comparison to learning in school, I felt it was an awesome opportunity to take experiences I had in the classroom, and be able to apply it in the real world.  It has certainly helped me build my resume to stand out, but after this internship I never want to need my resume again because then that means I am applying to work for someone else.  At the end of it all, what I got out of Student Painters the most is how it has helped me grow as an individual, as a business thinker, and the opportunities it has opened for me in the future.  There is no way I would be the person I am today without my experience over the past 6 months and Student Painters has accelerated my way of thinking and my life more than I could have imagined.

Gavin Iddings

Without having any previous work experience beforehand, this internship has given me the best opportunity I have been given thus far. As an academic achiever, I have always strived for perfection and to always push my limits in everything I pursue. I didn’t want my first job to be some small minimal wage job at a restaurant. I wanted my first job to be something that would make me stand out more compared to other students. Thanks to Student Painters, I know I have accomplished that. From having no work experience at all to running a $46,000 business, I am more than happy to have experienced being a branch manager for Student Painters. Not only did I learn the best ways to market and manage, but I also gained valuable organizational and problem solving skills as well. Though I faced numerous different challenges over the summer, I was able to overcome it all and successfully run my own business. I can truly say that I am happy to have been a part of Student Painters.

Ashley McKay

My experience through student painters is very different compared to the typical Branch Manager position. As a marketing major, the Sales and Marketing Specialist was much more appealing to me as a resume builder. Coming into Student Painters, I felt extremely uncomfortable going door-to-door pitching my “Hello, my name is Ashley….” spiel, however once I was fully aware that the worst they could say is “NO”, it wasn’t so bad. Of course, you have the occasional grumpy neighbor that wants to slam the door in your face, but for the most part every person was kind in listening to what I had to say. The Sales and Marketing position helped me significantly in being able to talk with strangers and it also gave me the confidence to handle objections in order to convince the homeowner to get a free estimate. No joke, it is tough work going door-to-door selling and passing out flyers for hours in the heat, but once you see those same people booking jobs with a branch manager it is such a great feeling. No amount of schooling compares to real world experience, and this internship gives you just that and more! Through Student Painters you have the opportunity to learn from your own mistakes while having mentors guide you through your venture every step of the way. Student Painters is an experience of a lifetime. I would definitely recommend this position to anyone who is willing to work hard, play smart and devote the amount of time it takes to be successful.

Olivia Wylie

Student Painters is an amazing opportunity for dedicated college students to develop the many dynamics of business through a hands on experience. Being able to manage my own small business as a nineteen year old is a real world experience that a price cannot be put on. Not only did this internship allow for me to explore my entrepreneurial aspirations but it also gave relevance to what I was learning in class allowing me to expand my educational horizons.  Words cannot explain the valuable knowledge that I obtained this summer: from marketing, interviewing, management, sales, and customer service. This experience has allowed me to strengthen areas where improvement was needed but also to further develop strengths. It takes a determined person who is looking to find personal and educational growth to appreciate the experience that Young Entrepreneurs Across America has to offer.  I would like to thank Student Painters, and Joel Putoff for the support and guidance given throughout this entire experience, which they made possible.

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