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Western Michigan University

Alania Gork

Working as a Branch Manager with Student Painters this past summer has been like no other experience I’ve ever had. I’ve gained entrepreneurship experience and knowledge, better communication skills, time management skills, multitasking, and so much more self development. While also gaining experience with managing, cost control, marketing, recruiting, and sales. I ended up working with over 30 homeowners and ran a $55,000 business which has given me a background like no other. I faced many challenges this summer but overall those only made me realize how strong of a person I’ve become by getting through them. Overall this was such a rewarding experience.

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John Bonzelaar

Before my Student Painters experience I worked a great summer job moving furniture 50 hours a week for $12 an hour. I made over $6,000 in a single summer and was able to say I worked long hours on my resume. This summer however, through the Student Painters internship, I made over $35,000 and this experience alone takes up a half of a page on my resume. I have learned more this summer through Student Painters than I ever could have in a classroom. I ran a business, managed 10 employees, produced 50 houses, and made an astronomical amount of money, all in less than 4 months. The experience I had, and the skills I have gained through this internship are invaluable. I have furthered my future opportunities tremendously and had a blast doing it. The company culture at Student Painters is amazing! I achieved so much this summer, but was still able to let loose. I went to golf outings, Tigers games, gambling trips to Windsor, and an all-expense paid cruise in the Bahamas, all on the company’s dime. Every moment I have spent with Student Painters has been a great learning experience. I could not have picked a better summer job. I only wish I had started working for Student Painters sooner!

Phil Serzo

I just completed my first summer with student painters.  This year as a Branch manager I gained the most valuable business experience that I could have ever imagined.  Student Painters trained me and mentored me throughout the whole process and set me up well for a summer of financial and personal success. Having never touched a paint brush before I ended up running and $67,000 business and profited around $8,500. I did all this as a 20 year old full time college student.  All the knowledge I gained in managing, cost control, marketing, recruiting, sales, and most importantly people will boost my confidence greatly in my future professional endeavors. I would highly recommend student painters to any college student. I could be best but this internship is so unique and gives you the upper hand in this highly completive world.

Lloyd Herndon

My name is Lloyd Herndon and I recently wrapped up my first summer with Student Painters. This internship is by far the most beneficial one you can take early on in your collegiate career. Not many of your peers can say they ran a $60,000 business and were in charge of all marketing, hiring, firing, customer relations, and production of the business. Along with all the credentials it puts on your resume, it gives you the real world business experience that you would otherwise have to wait until after college to receive. I profited over $9,000 and had one of the most challenging and beneficial summers I could ever ask for.


Kevin Cagney

One year ago I was working in a fenced in yard for $8.50 an hour, and now I am writing a testimonial on how fun it was to run a small business. That’s how quick things can change for people who take this company seriously. My experience with student painters this summer could not have been better as it was by far the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced but also the most rewarding. Over the course of one spring and summer I learned how to sell, market, produce, and manage others just like everyone else, but I also learned a lot about myself, who I can be, and what hard work can really accomplish if you never give up. I had many ups and downs this summer, but they came with many different experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. I have learned many valuable lessons about leadership, business, and taking ownership of my life. It is my goal to one day build a 9 figure business and I feel very confident that my experience this summer and the next three summers. Student Painters will teach me many of the important lessons I’ll need and give me valuable experience that you can’t find anywhere else. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to work with Student Painters and I would encourage anyone looking for a quality internship to apply.

Luis Martinez

My  name is Luis Martinez, having currently completed my first summer with Student Painters and I can confidently say it was one of the most unique experiences. Going into the program I had no idea what to expect from it. As the year progressed I slowly began to acknowledge better my strengths and weaknesses. Running a $45,000 business as a freshman in college is something not many students do. By me being part of this program I have been able to improve not only as a businessman but as a person as well. Thanks to Student painters I now have to opportunity to excel in other projects in the future.

Adam Goricki

Student Painters was a great experience for me that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could run a successful business before I could even have a legal beer.  On a serious note, Student Painters has allowed me to enhance many of my interpersonal skills and it has taught me so much valuable knowledge and experiences that puts me at an advantage.  I learned that running my own business can be very challenging  at times and at some points you want to give up and admit that you are just a college kid, but I am glad I stuck with it and worked as hard as I could so that the benefits will show.  This internship has helped me realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to and that hard work goes a long way.  Having this internship on my resume will look great and I will proudly explain my experience in future job interviews.  

Kara Craig

I just ran my own business. There are countless times I wanted to rip my hair out and I wanted to fire all my painters. Though at the end of summer, you will have learned more about business and management than any class can teach you. Student Painters was one the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only did I make a great deal of money but I learned a tremendous amount. If you have the strength to stick with it the whole preseason and summer, if you can manage your time and solve problems as they arise, you will be successful.


Nick Rossol

In the last 6 months I have spent as a branch manager for Student Painters I have learned and accomplished more than I ever thought I was capable of doing at this point in my life. The fact that I have just turned 20 years old and can say that I just ran a $90-100K painting business while working with my friends for the entire summer and profiting over $15k is truly incredible and puts me far ahead of my peers in many ways. The self development you get from this internship is priceless and something that you will not get in a college classroom. My favorite part about this internship has definitely been the freedom I have to run my business however I want. Everyday I wake up knowing that I am responsible for everything that happens in my business and that I do not have a boss watching over me telling me what to do. The more I put into it, the more I get out of it. The most important piece of advice I have for anyone thinking about trying this internship is to take a chance and go for it. You will get more out of it than you could ever imagine.

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