Correctly Identify Pyramid Schemes and Scams

A pyramid scheme is a company that gets participants to recruit other people to buy their products and services. The more people that sign up, the more money that participant makes. Pyramid schemes typically have dues and start-up fees. Many companies like this charge a large amount of money to get involved in. Pyramid schemes are organized so that you must focus on recruiting other people in order to make any money back. YEAA/Student Painters does NOT charge a start-up fee. In fact, YEAA supports its interns with roughly $1,000 in supplemental materials to get them started with promoting their businesses.

A job scam requires you to invest money into their program. It also requires participants to pay for products and might require them to deceive people. These are dishonest companies. Again, YEAA does not require any kind of monetary investment to work for YEAA.

Young Entrepreneurs Across America/Student Painters is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme because there are no upfront costs or dues to be a part of the program and start your business, as you must interview and become accepted into the program.

Be Aware of Getting Scammed Out of Money

If you lose money that does not necessarily mean you are being scammed. Being scammed out of money and having business expenses are very different. Sometimes employees have business expenses, such as gas money to drive to work. A business expense is not a scam. As a part of the job, you have to travel to customers’ houses and a location for payroll biweekly. This does not mean YEAA is scamming you out of money. A scam is when you invest money and don't make enough to off-set that cost, but the money is not returned to you. YEAA also provides a free training by top trainers in the program in sales, marketing, and management. We hold a paid weekend training seminar for our hired interns. The only requirement to be hired into the program is to have a vehicle.

Don't Get Set up for Failure

A company that is scamming you will set you up for failure by not teaching or supporting you. They do not invest any time or resources into helping you become successful. Once they collect your money, they will neglect to help you. YEAA managers tend to experience a learning curve, but they are supported by their mentor throughout the process. YEAA pairs each rookie manager with an executive manager who has gone through their own rookie year and has personal experiences to help with this learning curve. These executives mentor their interns from February through the end of the summer and help coach on how to market, sell, lead a team, and any other challenges they may face to help them succeed.

Research the Company

Before you accept a position with any company, make sure you do your research. Find out their mission, what their products or services are, who their clientele is, the company's workload, and the company's structure. These are all very important points for potential employees to know before accepting employment. YEAA’s mission is that through proven systems and field training we develop exceptional young people into successful entrepreneurs. YEAA puts students in the position of having to make real-world decisions so they can produce benefits and learn from their mistakes.

A company's mission shows their values and what they stand for. Understanding the clientele of the company will help you perform better on the job, this should be straight-forward. A company's workload is important for knowing your job stability.


This is very clear during the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. Each intern develops a business plan and expectations are set before the student is considered for hire. Our interns are asked to contact alumni to ask questions and understand the expectations before a position is offered for the summer.

Ask About Training and Growth Opportunities

Work for a company that properly trains you and helps develop your skills to lead you to success. It is also important to see that you can grow within a company and there is room for you to further develop your expertise. If a company wants to see you do better, they will have room for you to grow. After completing your rookie year with YEAA, you have the opportunity to apply to become an executive manager the next year. This will teach you a new skillset and more about managing a team of your own rookie managers. YEAA promotes from within the company and continues training throughout employment.

Young Entrepreneurs Across America is not a scam. Young Entrepreneurs Across America is not a pyramid scheme. Student Painters is not a scam. Student Painters is not a pyramid scheme.