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The Kendall Alexander Wernet Memorial Annual Scholarship

Living out his legacy and continuously making an impact to drive others to success

About the Scholarship

Kendall Wernet was a young excited coach and motivator who wants you to succeed and to transform into the person you dream of being. He believed that anyone with a dream and the right mindset can achieve more than they ever believed. Kendall also believed you should never settle for less than you’re worth in a world that has so many opportunities.

Details and Qualifications

  • Exemplify leadership in business and other passions

  • Show drive in developing positive impact and change to your communities through your goals

  • Act as a mentor to peers, providing support and motivation to help them reach achievement

  • Strive to continue to grow and advance in personal passions and professionalism


This scholarship is run through Clemson University and is open to eligible students!


Please go to the website directly or ask a school representative for more details. 

2020 Recipients

jack dewaele.jpg
jordan gal.jpg

Maria Demarco - Biochemistry major from Marietta, GA
Jack DeWaele - Bioengineering major from Katy, TX
Jordan Gal - Biological Sciences major from Nicholasville, KY
John Tewksbury - Chemistry major from Greensboro, NC

Pictured is Jack Dawaele and Jordan Gal

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