Elijah LeMar

My name is Elijah LeMar and I was a branch manager in 2021 and now im a rookie executive for the summer of 2022. I recently ran an $80,000 business and profited around $14,000 from it. I was inspired to join YEAA because I wanted to take the path that is less taken. I wanted a challenge and I wanted a mentor to help me run my own business. Some skills that I learned along the way are how to sell, market, manage a team and do payroll. The biggest thing that I learned is how to deal with people in a lot of different scenarios. YEAA has provided me with a more refined mindset, I am a very goal driven individual and now I feel like I am more of a risk taker and I can accredit these traits to my time with YEAA. I’m now extremely comfortable being uncomfortable. This has allowed me to take advantage of different opportunities and level up in my life. My best advice to people thinking about joining the program, is take advantage of this opportunity. You never know how much your life can change in a year just by simply taking a chance on something.