Alumni Testimonials

Jacob Ignasiak

 University of Michigan

"I was inspired to join YEAA because of the experience I was going to gain, the network of people I would be around and the earning potential. It was head and shoulders above anything else out there."

Marissa Brubaker

Bowling Green State University

"I would definitely come back if I had the chance to. It is an amazing program and amazing group of people. When I found people that were hardworking, motivated and looking to make a difference I knew this would be for me."

Mike Lamorgese

 University of Dayton

"The skills that I learned through Young Entrepreneurs includes: sales, marketing, time management, being a leader, managing a budget, accounting, and finance. I still use all of these skills today career."

Emily Kovac

Michigan State University

"If you are considering this I would definitely recommend it because it will change your mindset and outlook on things. It will give you so much experience that you cannot get anywhere else." 

Cameron DelBen

Bowling Green State University

"At the end of the day, I love what I have been able to do. No other company gives you the opportunity to run your own business. Not many 18 year olds can say they've had the opportunity to run a $78,000 business."

Andrew Dennison

 University of Michigan

"If you’re thinking about joining, it’s hard work but you will get more experience here than anywhere else. I think it’s an incredible opportunity to grow your skill set and set yourself up for a really amazing career."

Alex Zdrinca

Michigan State University

"I chose Student Painters because I don’t have much experience and I just wanted to set myself apart from my peers and gain real world business experience. This is like a real world MBA."

Brittany Belding

University of Michigan

"I definitely learned communication skills, responsibility and accountability. I was just talking with the CEO about getting out what you put into it because that 100% is what this is. It is a great culture for sure."

Nick Rossol

Western Michigan University

 "I can say I’ve learned more than I ever imagined while having fun doing it. I learned people and problem solving skills while developing confidence and have grown in almost every aspect because of this internship."

Adam King

Michigan State University

"I was looking for something that would provide me with real world business experience and professionalism skills. It's safe to say that I got all of that and way more out of this internship!"

Kevin Froggatt

 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"The main reason I did this internship was to prove to myself I could run my own business. I can honestly say I have a better work ethic than most thanks to Student Painters. Now I am ready to take on the world."

Cole Waligura

 West Virginia University

"Young Entrepreneurs helped me get interview opportunities with two of the big four accounting firms. Everywhere I have interviewed has been extremely impressed with the idea of someone so young running their own business."

Michael Zlonkevicz

 University of Michigan

"I took on the internship because I figured it’d be a good way to get the experience to land me another internship or get experience of running a business. I got a lot of growth personally and professionally from it."

Aaron Griffin

 Michigan State University

"You’re really going to get further in a year with this program than you’re going to get anywhere else in five years. I found out I was the one holding myself back and made a decision to overcome that problem."

Alex Dalpiaz

 Clemson University

 "Everyone has an internship on their resumes. These days you have to figure out how to separate yourself. The story you develop from this program is second to none. This is the best opportunity if you are looking to get ahead in life." 

Mason Johnston

 Bowling Green State University

"The communication in talking to customers during sales and working with employees really helps you for anything you do in life. I really know how businesses work nowadays. This internship has really benefited me." 

Michael Plunkett

Ohio State University

"I started in this company as a freshman and stayed for 6 years. I would be nowhere near where i am in life and have the amazing opportunities i have now if it wasn't for my internship with Young Entrepreneurs."

Christian Chasmer

University of South Carolina

"I contribute a lot of my success to Young Entrepreneurs. You will receive  the skills but you're also going to get empowered with the ability to create your own destiny in life, and that's really what Young Entrepreneurs is about."

Dillon Welliver

Michigan State University

"I ran a 110,000 branch and I profited over 25,000 in one summer. I have grown a lot in trust, leadership, and management. And those are the most important things for career growth."

Ian Scott

Jackson Community College

"The experience I had at YEAA helped me land a six figure sales position. I was able to move out into the city, get this awesome job, and really enjoy the opportunities i've been able to possess and accomplish because of this program."

Sherv Sadr

University of Massachusetts

"The reason that I did this and what inspired me to join Young Entrepreneurs was the culture and the resume booster. The experience, the hands on hard and soft skills of life and business has been invaluable for me."

Aaron Griffin

 Michigan State University

"To say I'm thankful for this opportunity is an understatement. I was never on my own, I always had people I could reach out to for support if and when I needed it. It’s amazing when I reflect on this experience and realize how invaluable it is."

Phil Serzo

Western Michigan University

"I developed a ton of skills through Young Entrepreneurs. It’s helped me do so many things in my twenties that I don’t think I would’ve been able to do without having the foundation from Young Entrepreneurs."

Kate Anderson

 Ohio University

"A few things I learned from this internship are how to delegate, sales skills, how to talk to people I don't know, how to present myself in a confident way and how to work with people as a team." 

Rachel Dorsey

 West Virginia University

"Being able to say that I ran a successful business at 20 years old is something that sets me apart from other people. This internship really helped strengthen my resume and who I am as a person and as a professional." 

AJ Mida

Central Michigan University

"I was excited to hear that as an 18 year old I would have the opportunity to run my own business with little money invested. Some skills I developed were hiring, leading, marketing, sales, and working with customers."

Charles Beck

Michigan State University

"Marketing, Time Management and People skills were some of my biggest takeaways from the internship. I used to be very shy. I'd tell anyone thinking the internship to be persistent for sure and do not give up. Try as hard as you can."

Logan LaMance

Clemson University

"Student Painters changed the entire trajectory of my  college experience and also my life. It inspired me to become an entrepreneur and it gave me the skills and tools to execute that. "

Colleen Harlan

University of Wisconsin - Lacrosse

"There's so many benefits to the program I don't even know where to start. I learned so much about myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are. Ultimately it helped me decide on what career path to take.

Chris Moore

Southern Illinois University: Edwardsville

"Coaching our interns to start up and run a business opened my eyes to life as a full time business consultant. My goal now is to impact the business community the same way that we impacted college students here at YEAA."

Charles Bohl

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

"I really encourage anyone going through this program to take the journey into the discomfort zone. Once you become part of this program it’s really going to open up a new world to you. It's changed my life tremendously."

Joe Schuit

Southern Illinois University: Edwardsville

"YEAA taught me a wide variety of real life business experience. I learned what I really liked and disliked about  each area of business and it helped me lock in on what part of business I like doing the most, which is sales. "

Danny Robinson

 Central Michigan University

"This is a great resume builder and will put you a leg up compared to everyone in your age group. You get real life lessons that transcend into the rest of your career and can carry them with you for the rest of your life."

Simon Fraser

Ohio State University

"I have always craved a challenge to see what I am made of. In this internship you will take away life skills, confidence and business acumen, but most of all, you’re going to take away a really strong network of hardworking, like minded individuals."

Danny Rice

University of Cincinnati

"Not many people in the course of a lifetime, much less college, get the opportunity to actually run their own business. When you are doing it this young in life and this early in your career it is a huge accomplishment!"

Jordan Ames

University of Massachusetts

"The skills that I learned going through this experience were amazing. The repetition of finding unique ways of marketing and selling was invaluable. It really set me up for the rest of my career."

Joel Puthoff

Wittenberg University

"I learned so many things related to management & sales skills, and how to make money. In the end it's about the business you build, the team you manage, the experience you gain, and the challenge you put yourself through."

Sean Nastase

Lansing Community College

"I think the most important thing about Student Painters, is it will get you in the door other places. They will look at this on your resume and see somebody who ran their own company, followed a business model and was successful with it."

What Inspired Mike to Join YEAA

Mike Prager

CEO of Avidxchange

Ben Arwine

Miami University (OH)

Kayla Faustyn

Michigan State University

Ben Steenkamp

University of Connecticut

Logan Bryant

Miami University (OH)

Chase Lawson

Clemson University

Raechel Kaiser

Central Michigan University

Kaylee Bert

Central Michigan University

Ben Cummings

Oakland University

Haley Avila

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Angie Johnston

Clemson University

Davio Pignotti

Western Michigan University

Craig Barry

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Scott Snyder

Miami University (OH)

Sam Tunnacliffe

University of Dayton

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