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Alumni Testimonials 

AJ Mida

Central Michigan University

The biggest skill I learned was to persevere at any cost. To break through any barrier in your way.


Emily Kovac

Michigan State University

I owe all of my success and accomplishments to Young Entrepreneurs. It truly changed my life!


Ben Steenkamp

University of Connecticut

If it weren’t for Young Entrepreneurs there is no chance I would have made it through even the first round of their interview process.


Haley Avila

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

I love the culture and the relationships that I have formed with other managers past and present.


Davio Pignotti

Western Michigan University

I was able to develop skills and experiences that would shape my early career and prepare me for the next phase of my life.


Scott Snyder

Miami University

I have been blessed by the relationships and experiences over the years and highly recommend this program.