Fernando Tenesaca

My name is Fernando Tenesaca and this is my 3rd year with YEAA. When I first joined, I was a freshman at UMass Amherst and I ran a $120,000 business and profited about 17%. What inspired me to join in the first place was I wanted a unique experience that was going to challenge me, I wanted to make some income in the summer and I wanted something that was really going to allow me to increase the skillset and boost the resume that I had as a freshman. Throughout my first summer I learned how to lead a marketing team, how to speak to customers, how to handle objections, and how to manage my time effectively. During my second year, I decided to come back as an executive. I mentored 6 interns while also running my branch for a second year. This year I learned how to inspire other branch managers while also scaling the business model. This program has been very life changing, you go through many challenges but you also gain confidence, get sales experience, and gain real life experience. If you are someone looking to obtain some real world experience, increase your level of communication with customers, manage employees and learn sales and marketing while earning money then this is hands down the opportunity to do that. The connections you make here are awesome and the culture of the company is great.