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AJ Mida

I was with YEAA for about four years, from 2005 to about 2009. As a rookie manager I had a business with 60,000 in sales. I joined because I always wanted to be an entrepreneur when I was younger. This gave me an opportunity to run my own business. Really YEAA Is a student development company, we teach students how to run a business, and we use painting as the vehicle to do that. I was super excited to hear that I would have the opportunity to run my own business with little to no money invested. Some of the skills I developed were hiring people, leading, marketing, the sales aspect of it, working with customers as an 18 year old. I am in the real estate business now, and all of the skills that I have learned through YEAA are transferable to any business and any sales profession. A lot of my friends that went through the program look back to YEAA as a pivotal point in their life.

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