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Ben Steenkamp

I ran a business with Young Entrepreneurs as a freshman and sophomore at the University of Connecticut. Looking back, it was the best thing I could’ve possibly done. From Young Entrepreneurs I learned everything there is to know about running a business, including marketing, sales, and so much more. The network I was able to build and the leadership experience I received, as well as the variety of soft skills I learned, shaped me into an overall better working professional. The combined soft and hard skills you learn while doing this internship is unparalleled compared to any other internship out there; accompanied with the resume experience I gained, let me truly set myself far and beyond my peer group, opening myself up to so many incredible opportunities. I am now going into my Junior year at UConn and will be working as a sales intern with Altria, a company currently listed 162 on the Fortune 500. If it weren’t for Young Entrepreneurs there is no chance I would have made it through even the first round of their interview process, and I honestly don’t know what my path would be. I can now safely say everything I go on to accomplish will be in no small part because of Young Entrepreneurs. I wouldn’t take my experience back for anything.

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