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Fernando Tenesaca

Currently, I am a junior at UMass Amherst and I've decided to return to YEAA for the third year. As a freshman, I was immediately interested in this program because I wanted something unique that would challenge me while earning income, improving my resume, and gaining real-world skills. At the end of my first summer, I ran a $120,000 business earning about $20,000 in income, which was a truly life-changing experience for me. I learned how to market and attract customers to a valuable service I was offering and I sold my own work. I learned how to lead a marketing team and a production team, while also dealing with the everyday challenges of running a business. I learned how to take on more responsibility than any other college student and succeed at a high level because of the amazing support from the Executive Team. I decided to return as a sophomore to become an Executive. At the conclusion of my second year, I ran my own business while coaching 6 rookie managers and oversaw $360,000 in revenue. As an Executive, I learned 10 times more than I did in my first year. I learned to take on more accountability and responsibility to help coach my team to success while also learning how to scale the business model and turn rookie managers into leaders. I've decided to return for the third year and every year that I've come back because of the culture of high achievers and the relationships you make with the people here.

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