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Kevin Hiselman

I first became a branch manager in the spring of 2019 during my sophomore year at UMass Amherst. My first year was action-packed and I loved taking on every challenge I faced as a start-up entrepreneur. I accepted an offer to be on the New England executive team for the following year because I wanted to learn how to guide students through our entrepreneurial program with immense success. I also had the opportunity to develop and foster new relationships with high-caliber people. Taking on year two was one of my best life decisions. It was more accountability, more hustle, and a lot more fun. I learned how to build stronger relationships with people and had the opportunity to take on more responsibility and accountability than any other college student. Because of that, I am a more confident, driven, and relentless young man than before this program. Our company culture and the people I have the pleasure of being surrounded by are the real kickers. During my undergrad at UMass, I oversaw $2 million+ in revenue over my three summers.

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