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Mason Johnston

The communication talking to customers during sales and talking to employees really help you for anything you do in life. I really know what businesses are nowadays and how they work. This internship has really benefited me. I thought that running my own business and being my own boss would be a really good resume builder. My main takeaways are leadership, communication, customer service, and real business experience. You get to be in charge of people you’re not usually in charge of until you’re in your 30’s and 40’s. It’s about making decisions and having that feeling of leadership. Had I not done this internship, I wouldn’t be near as good of a teacher as I am. I have such a better idea of coaching kids because I was coached one on one with a mentor and also everyone in the Student Painters family was always there to help you. It really was just one big family all in it together. No summer opportunity had given me so much experience at one time.

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