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Simon Fraser

What inspired me to join this internship in the first place was that I always craved some sort of challenge where I could really test myself and see what I was made of. You’re going to take away all those life skills, confidence, business acumen but most of all, you’re going to take away a really strong network of hardworking, like minded individuals.

Some of the main skills I developed through running my own painting business with Young Entrepreneurs was number one: confidence. I learned I can go into something unknown and not know how it’s going to turn out, but figure it out along the way. It’s allowed me to tackle professional opportunities. I learned technical skills like how to hire people, how to manage people and lead people, getting them invested in your vision on the employee side and also getting people invested on the product side. I learned to talk to people I don’t know and basically ask for a sale and be okay with rejection, which is something so invaluable.

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