Entrepreneurs of the Year

All of our Managers work hard and accomplish great things with our program. There are some, however, who come out on top!


Take a look at some of our past achievers of the "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award.

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Nick is a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He ran an outstanding $191,000 business during the summer of 2021. Nick has been determined to be successful with this internship since the preseason and he proved to be just that! By running this successful business he helped his division, New England, bring home Division of the Year!



2021 Entrepreneur of the Year



2020 Entrepreneur of the Year


Enin is a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst. He ran an incredible $173,000 business in the summer of 2020. Enin was completely committed to his internship from the get-go. And having supportive mentors and a dream team to back him up also gave Enin the confidence to set massive goals.


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2019 Entrepreneur of the Year


Charles is a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Charles started this internship to build his resume and get a new experience for the summer, little did he know he would run a business of $201,000 in production and become the top Entrepreneur of all time. 


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2018 Entrepreneur of the Year


As a Freshman at the University of Cincinnati, Austin Hines took on a YEAA internship with the goal of being the best. Not only the best in terms of production, but also by keeping his customers and employees happy. Austin did just that by ending the summer with $158,000 in production, helping the Ohio division take home division of the year.




At the start of Aaron Griffin’s second year with YEAA he decided he was going to be the top intern in the country. As a sophomore at MSU, he showed a work ethic unmatched by any other – not only in this company but unmatched by most people. With a tough start, Aaron quickly learned how to turn his trials into triumphs. By continually overcoming his obstacles and pushing his business forward, he attained his goal of becoming Entrepreneur of the Year producing $152,000 and breaking the all-time Michigan record. Aaron is now taking his talents to Massachusetts where he will mentor college students, teaching his successes to run their own business. We are very excited to see what he accomplishes next!


2017 Entrepreneur of the Year



From the beginning, Craig Barry set the goal to be the top producing branch manager in the country, and through determination and resilience Craig accomplished this. By combining raw effort with an unmatched desire to learn, he produced $148,000 in revenue throughout the summer, broke a payroll record by producing $40,000 in a single cycle, and was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year. He did so not by taking the path of least resistance, but instead by attacking every challenge that he faced head-on. After proving to himself and others what he can do, Craig is poised to succeed in a sales position upon graduation. We can't wait to see what kind of impact Craig will make moving forward!


2016 Entrepreneur of the Year



Closing in at $161,000, Ashland Stansbury is officially the second woman in Student Painters history to become awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year." At only 18 years old and a freshman at Babson College, she joined this company with one thing as her goal, to be the best. Through hard work and staying organized, Ashland bypassed all of her colleagues throughout the country and did what she set out to do, make it to the top. Ashland loves a good competition and with such a strong work ethic at such a young age, this Young Entrepreneur is bound for success. Good luck on your journey!


2015 Entrepreneur of the Year



Colleen Roach found tremendous success and surpassed everyone across the country last year. She was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” as she broke records and closed her business at $190,000 in production. She is determined to be the best. Colleen Roach is by far the most successfull woman within YEAA. Next year she is working on passing on her knowledge and work ethic to coach other college students and make a difference on their lives.


2014 Entrepreneur of the Year

Past Entrepreneur's Of The Year

Spenser Suski - 2013

Becoming a part of this internship with Student Painters truly made me understand why employers look for past experience first. Between selling work, producing it, and everything in between I have learned more through this company than I will ever learn in the classroom.  I am happy to say that YEAA and Student Painters have made this past summer one impossible to forget. Within just under four months I produced over 70 jobs and employed over 20 students. There’s no comparison with other internships in the amount of valuable experience I have gained from that. Communication, good time management, and organization were repetitively practiced throughout my summer and made me realize how important they are on a regular basis with any company. 

Chandler Bolt - 2012

Since his days running a business with YEAA, Chandler has opened his own online company serving the literary industry. He credits YEAA for helping him to hone the skills he already possessed and giving him a great foundation so that he could become an entrepreneur as a lifelong career. Hiring good people is what he feels got him to become Entrepreneur of the Year. His biggest piece of advice he can give to future YEAA is to "listen and do it." You will learn so much from your executives. Trust them and learn from them he says.  In his free time, Chandler enjoys going to music festivals, playing the drums and snowboarding. 

Wayne Titus - 2011

Working with YEAA played a very significant role in Wayne's life. He credits YEAA for his interest in Sales and the skills he applies to his current career with Dow Chemical. He feels that he would never have been able to become Entrepreneur of the Year if it were not for his excellent crew. He expected to work hard when taking this job on but he never expected to make the top sales of the year. In his down time, Wayne enjoys playing the drums, ultimate frisbee, collecting records and recording music.

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Nick Turnbull - 2010

Nick started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2010, finding quick success by earning the national the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by producing close to $80,000. Today, nick has continued his Entrepreneurial passion by creating a start up with fellow Student Painter, Paul Schrems. Their company is called Turtle Cell and is worth $3 million today. Check out his latest passion www.turtlecell.com

Nick Giannetti - 2009

In 2009 Nick joined Student Painters in hopes to make some extra cash. By the end of the summer, he found himself at an awards banquet, being handed the plaque for Entrepreneur of the Year after producing close to $110,000 in four short months. He was a known salesman throughout the company and always kept his eye on the prize. He now holds a top position in his current company, XPO Logistics

AJ Mida - 2008

AJ Mida was part of the YEAA program from 2004-2009, growing personally and professionally. He found success not only in himself, but helped many other college students find success as well. In 2008 he was given the highest achievement, Entrepreneur of the Year after running a $110,000 business. Today, AJ keeps his experiences  at hand as he builds career in North Carolina as Real Estate Broker in Charlotte.

Ben Burke - 2007

Ben Burke started the YEAA journey during 2007, the same year he achieved the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for producing over $100,000 in his business. After finding quick success, he stayed with the company to help develop his division. During his time here, Ben impacted several college students in their development. Now, Ben is continuing to make a difference while taking pride in everything he does as the Director of Entrepreneurship at Arch Grants.