Michael Acorn

My name is Michael Acorn and I am a senior at Michigan State University. This is my fourth year with Young Entrepreneurs, I started as a freshman and ran a team of 6 painters. That year I ran a $135,000 business and profited over 20%. I was invited back to have the opportunity to mentor my own team the next year. My second year I mentored six other individuals and ran a business of over $500,000. The next year I came back and mentored twelve students and oversaw $600,000. When I began the program, I was looking for something that would set me apart from my peer group. I didn’t want to just do a traditional internship, I was looking for something more unique and that is why I chose this opportunity. You really learn real world skills like managing people, marketing, sales, dealing with customers, and dealing with the payroll processing. If anyone is out there looking to be extraordinary compared to other college students, this is the place that you want to be.