Noah Ellinger

My name is Noah Ellinger and I have been with Young Entrepreneurs for two years now, going into my third year. I just graduated from Kalamazoo College in the summer of 2021 with a degree in business administration. Going into my third year with the company now, my first year the summer of 2020 I ran an $113,000 business out of the Kalamazoo area, got Rookie Manager of the Year and profited around $24,000 that year. Because of my success in my first year, I was asked to come back for a second year and my second year I ran a $138,000 personal business while overseeing $424,000 in business in total. Now because of my success and that I graduated I was asked and chose to come back full-time as the General Manager of the Michigan division. I want to talk about what I have gotten out of the internship so far, definitely have learned how to believe in myself. Going into this internship, before I actually started the internship back in 2020, not a lot of companies actually gave me a chance and so when I got this opportunity I saw the chance to prove not only to myself that I was capable of doing great things. I got a lot of confidence from this internship which I’m thankful for. I’ve also gotten a lot of leadership skills, how to work with homeowners and how to get everyone on the same page to achieve something together. That has been one of the biggest things I’ve gotten out of this internship as well. Another thing is that I’ve realized the power of networking and connections. You never want to be too prideful and not ask for help. My first year when I was manager of the year under Michael Acorn, one of reasons I was so successful is because I would ask for help and created great relationships with every executive. My pride wasn’t too high where I felt like I couldn’t call people. The last big thing I’ve gotten out of this internship is some humility. Sometimes you feel like you’re on top of the world and then something happens that will humble you. It makes you ask “what are the things I can do to get back on track”. I’m very thankful that that this internship helped humble me