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Abigail Jaqua

My name is Abigail Jaqua and I did the internship this past year in 2021. Overall my goal was $100,000 in business, although I did not achieve this goal I think setting a standard for yourself of high quality and pushing yourself to that limit makes the internship worth that much more. I ran a business of $80,000 with profits of $18,000. My goal from the beginning of the internship was to be able to solo backpack Europe, so I set out right after the internship on a month and a half expedition and I saw 6 countries. I was able to see all of these incredible things and travel like this at such a young age because this internship put me in the position to succeed. I am now doing real estate in the #1 brokerage in Wisconsin. This internship made me realize that entrepreneurship was my full time role in life. It was a very challenging experience but I encourage anyone to try it and see what you can do.

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