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Cameron Patterson

I was an electrical engineering major going into this internship. I still am an electrical engineer major but with so many more skills in the business industry that will help me achieve anything in a professional way. This past year I ran a 40k business and now want to get a business and entrepreneur minor. This internship made me realize everything from the cost of everyday expenses to how many business processes work. This year may have been a challenge but it has single handedly made me grow and realize how independent I can be. I think it is completely different from when I was hired in the fall. It is amazing how much someone can learn in just a year and how Young Entrepreneurs have made me really appreciate my studies and work ethic because it makes me want to go further with everything I do. This next year I will be striving forward to use the information and skills I got this past year to achieve much more and build on others' skills through mentoring other managers.

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