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Davio Pignotti

I worked happily and successfully at Student Painters for 5 years throughout my college career at Western Michigan University and into my first year post-graduate year, while also working full time. In that time I made more money than I thought possible at that point in my life and was doing it on my own terms along with the guidance and support of Student Painters leadership. In addition to financial success which was paramount through school, I was able to develop skills and experiences that would shape my early career and prepare me for the next phase of my life. Working autonomously, facing adversity and making sometimes difficult business decisions gave me the content to confidently answer situational interview questions that I would have otherwise had nothing to draw from. In essence, I believe stepping out of my comfort zone to take on this challenge was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and would recommend it to anyone with the will and attitude to succeed.

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