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Michael Acorn

Choosing to become an executive is definitely a huge decision and a step to further one’s self-growth and leadership. The concept of coaching and mentoring other managers in starting their own businesses gave me the most accountability and responsibility at 19 years old, it was something that I knew I would never get at any other internships. A huge thing that I have learned this year is how to manage and coach other branch managers in different styles that mold around their own personalities. Taking all of the learning curves of this year, I am projected to oversee $500,000 in revenue this summer. This is a goal that I did not think was attainable at just 19/20 years old. The income potential I am looking at on top of all of the knowledge I am learning through YEAA is somewhere between 45k-50k in just a 4 months span. The biggest difference between the first year and the second year is how much you are juggling and pivoting on in any given day. There is so much going on when there are 4-6 job sites underneath you rather that just one. Comparing the last two years combined, out of everything I have learned, 10% came from my rookie year and 90% has come from being an executive. If you are truly considering taking yourself to the next level, understand that becoming an executive will create the highest elite version of yourself.

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