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Mike Lamorgese

My first year I ran a business around $75,000 and my second and third year as an executive I ran a business around $200,000. I was really excited to join because of the opportunity to get real life experience at a young age. I really saw this as an opportunity to differentiate myself from all of my other peers. The skills that I learned through Young Entrepreneurs includes, sales, marketing, time management, being a leader, managing a budget, accounting, finance. I still use a lot of these skills today in my day job. This is why I am where I am today, I was able to differentiate myself in college from all of my peers and I got an amazing job right out of college. It really propelled me into my career and helped me get where I am today and make a ton of money. My advice if you are wanting to join is make sure you dig deep, be willing to work hard and if you are wanting to differentiate yourself, this is a no brainer.

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