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Scott Snyder

My journey with Student Painters began as a freshman at Miami University in 1997. I received information about an opportunity to “run a business” and gain “real world business skills”. I went to an informational session and was very excited about the opportunity. I interviewed and was hired to run a branch of Student Painters in Dayton, Ohio. My first summer was full of ups and downs but overall I gained a tremendous amount of experience and confidence in myself in the world of business. I decided to come back for a second year as a branch manager and grew a first season $45,000 business into a highly profitable $85,000 business. Later choosing a career path as a high school science teacher opened up summers for me to continue working with Student Painters. Over the past 15 years I have hired and trained many students to run their very own business and gain real world skills as an entrepreneur. I have heard time and time again from past managers that their experience with Student Painters helped pave the way for future success in interviews and jobs. If you are willing to work hard and enjoy a challenge I encourage you to join the Student Painter family. I have been blessed by the relationships and experiences over the years and highly recommend this program.

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