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"Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause, and contributes

to a good life." -Richard Branson

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this internship program cost?

There is no registration fee, tuition expense, or other upfront money needed. All you need is a vehicle.


Can I qualify for an internship or co-op at my university?

Although YEAA is not directly affiliated with any university or college, many students throughout the country have received up to 6 credits for the internship through their school. Contact your department and advisor for further clarification on your degree’s requirements for an internship.

What are the risks?

The greatest risk would be time. Both managers and the company invest a great deal of time and effort into making their business successful.


What are the liabilities?

We arrange extensive liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage to protect you and your painters. As an employee of YEAA, Branch Managers are not liable for worker’s compensation claims nor insurance claims. As a student in our program, there is no risk of monetary loss of any kind.


What are the time commitments?

The Branch Manager position is a full-time job in the summer months. Starting in March, the job requires 10-15 or more hours per week. This work will consist of various pre-season activities such as training, marketing, sales, and recruitment. All of the pre-season activities can be scheduled during weekends or after class; this program does not conflict with school. Successful managers devote 40 hours per week, on average, for the entire summer.


What can I do after I become a branch manager?

Branch Managers have graduated into many different careers. Engineering, finance and banking, sales and business are the most frequent categories, but we've had students launch startups, do graphic design, medicine, and so much more. The skills required to run a company apply everywhere.


Do you provide workman’s comp?

All of our employees are covered by full workman's compensation.


How do I find enough work?

You work hard at marketing your business. We've been around for 25+ years because we've developed a marketing system that works. The only catch? It requires effort. The managers who are determined to succeed and work hard rarely have a problem of finding work.


How do I get paid?

We pay you minimum wage for every hour you work, but past that, your pay is based on the profit of your business.


How will I succeed if I have never painted before?

We picked the painting industry because it's a skill that's easy to learn. Homeowners intuitively understand the idea of a student painting business, and they always love helping students. Painting isn't the difficult skill to learn; leadership, management, marketing and sales are much more difficult.


Why painting?

We want to compete in a summertime-only industry because that's when students have their break. We start hundreds of businesses across the country each year. We need to have a low startup cost. Exterior painting is a skill that's easy to learn.


Is this a paid internship?

Yes. Our average student earned $9,000 last summer.


Is this a reputable company upon graduation?

This internship gives you more responsibility and accountability than any other. We don't have a brand name you hear on commercials, but when full-time interviewers ask about "biggest challenges overcome," "most responsibility," and "leadership experience," our students consistently rise above the others. We often get calls from full-time employers asking "do you have any more students available?" The experience you get with our internship is greater than any other.


What kind of previous experience do I need?

No previous industry experience or past management positions are required.  Our incoming interns must simply be willing to work hard, put in the number of hours needed to be successful, and be teachable. 


Does this program only apply to business majors?

No.  Although roughly half of our interns are business majors the others come from many other fields including but not limited to engineering, education, psychology, arts and sciences, etc.  We firmly believe that learning the art of leadership and management has its place in nearly any industry which is why we accept candidates based on their qualifications and not their majors.


We have a great Alumni base:


  • State Farm

  • JC3 Inc.

  • Lenovo

  • HDR Engineering

  • American Transport Group LLC

  • Maxim Healthcare

  • Superior industrial Cleaning

  • General Electric

  • Groupon, Inc

  • Chase Banks

  • Real Living Realty Services

  • Integrated Data Storage

  • PNC Bank’s Private Client Group

  • First Investor

  • Quicken Loans

  • Red Robin Company

  • Twin Cities Siding Professionals

  • Arch Grants

  • Next Generation Lending

  • Real Estate Broker

  • Sales/Efficiency Manager

  • Union Advisors

  • Target

  • Delia Real Estate Group

  • Yankees



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