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How much does this internship program cost?

There is no registration fee, tuition expense, or other upfront money needed. All you need is a vehicle.

What are the risks?

The greatest risk would be time. Both managers and the company invest a great deal of time and effort into making their business successful.

What are the liabilities?

We arrange extensive liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage to protect our managers and painters. As an employee of YEAA, Branch Managers are not liable for worker’s compensation claims nor insurance claims. As a student in our program, there is no risk of monetary loss of any kind.

Do you provide workman’s comp?

All of our employees are covered by full workman's compensation.

How do managers find enough work?

Managers work hard at marketing their business. We've been around for 35+ years because we've developed a marketing system that works. The only catch? It requires effort. Managers who are determined to succeed and work hard rarely have a problem finding work.

How do managers get paid?

We pay you minimum wage for every hour you work, but past that, your pay is based on the profit of your business.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes. Our average student earned $14,000 last summer.

Is this a reputable company upon graduation?

This internship gives you more responsibility and accountability than any other. We don't have a brand name you hear on commercials, but when full-time interviewers ask about "biggest challenges overcome," "most responsibility," and "leadership experience," our students consistently rise above the others. We often get calls from full-time employers asking "do you have any more students available?" The experience you get with our internship is greater than any other.

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