"Plans are nothing, planning is everything."- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Why Join?

Why the painting business?

  • It is seasonal— during the summer when students are out of


  • Relatively easy skill to learn—painting the exterior of houses.

  • High market demand and very profitable.

  • Outdoors—makes the job fun.



Imagine yourself as a manager of people; a manager of a business! You will be responsible for managing 4-6 students over the summer months and will learn how to coach and motivate people: a skill that is invaluable to your post-graduate career.



Imagine yourself as a marketing rep responsible for designing and implementing a marketing strategy that will create the awareness and generate the leads you’ll need to run your business. We’ll show you how, but you will get the experience doing it!


Budgeting/Profitability Analysis/Pricing:

Imagine yourself:

  • learning how to make budgets in marketing sales and production.

  • Finding out how to set goals.

  • Learning to do pricing and costing of contracts.

  • Learning how to analyze your profit margins, and reading financial reports.

Through our training seminars, manuals, and field supports we will teach you!



Imagine yourself as a Human Resources Manager responsible for sourcing, screening, and interviewing as many students as possible in order to hire the best people you can find. You’re building a team. We’ll show you how, and again, you get the hands-on experience of doing it. This internship is an experience that students can’t find anywhere else. We will support you and show you how to RUN YOUR OWN PROFIT CENTER!



The development and success of our Managers is important to us; our Branch Managers are the future of business. Here is what we do for the Student Managers to assure success.

Training: Through our training seminars, comprehensive manuals and field support, we will show you all you need to know to run a successful business:

  • Recruiting strategy and interviewing skills

  • Marketing and professional selling skills

  • Employee motivation

  • Profitability analysis

  • Time management

  • Costing and pricing (estimates)

  • Marketing management

  • “How to Paint” sessions

  • Paint technology and composition





Field Support:

Each student will be assigned a professionally trained District Manager who has previously been an “over-achiever” in the Manager program. His/her purpose is to provide on-going advice and direction to you through the school year and especially during summer months.

Marketing Support: With our recognized name and logo, you will be able to generate public awareness in your area. In addition, we provide a full-scale marketing program for you to utilize.

Administrative Support: To relieve you of the burden of arduous paperwork, we provide the following professional business assistance:

  • Computerized payroll service

  • Bi-weekly profit statements

  • Toll-free customer answering service

  • Accounts payable


Business Kit:

This kit has all the forms, contracts, and manuals you need to administer your business.

Warranty: We provide a written one-year warranty to all your clients for your workmanship. We also provide a two-year warranty for our work when two coats of paint/stain are applied.

Insurance: We arrange all the necessary worker’s compensation and liability insurance for you and your employees.



The Manager shall devote his/her full time and best efforts to operating the Branch actively and diligently within the territory. The Branch Manager shall also promote the sale and production of painting services pursuant to the Student Painters system. The Branch Manager shall attend and participate in the weekend training seminars given by Young Entrepreneurs Across America prior to the commencement of the production period. The Branch Manager will also have read the Operations Manual prior to the first of such training seminars which he/she attends.