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University of Kentucky

Zach Chalk

My name is Zach Chalk, and I have just successfully started and ran my own business over the course of about five months. It generated a total revenue of just over $90,000, with me profiting around $15,000. It was an incredible experience that granted me invaluable skills. This internship developed my time management, ability to communicate, and vastly increased my confidence. If you are hard-working and passionate person, it could truly be a life changing experience.

Drew Napier

The summer going into my freshman year of College I painted for Student Painters and had a good experience, learning a little and making decent money. The following summer I ran my own painting business and did over $60,000 in revenue with the company and had a great experience overall. Going through this internship was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. Unlike most other summer jobs or internships, everyday you are presented with different challenges, as well as being pushed to develop new skills that apply to business and life in general. Last summer I profited over $10,000 from my own business and built up my resume. But, the experiences I had as a branch manager for Student Painters is what makes the internship so great. I would highly recommend taking on this internship and see how rewarding it is yourself.


Elayne Bischoff

Student Painters allowed me to reach my biggest goal; become an entrepreneur. The internship allows you to take on a large amount of responsibility which is essential in managing a business. Over the summer as a branch manager, I have improved in customer service, managing employees, sales, and much more. Student Painters has been the most challenging and hardworking summer of my entire life, however, I learned more through the internship than I could’ve ever guessed. Through the executives in the company and the immense support from my mentor, I was able to run a $70,000 business in my hometown and surrounding cities in Kentucky. The mentors will guide you in all aspects of the business and will be there every step of the way. I would recommend this internship for any individual who has a drive to learn and become an entrepreneur.

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