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Josh Marsh

My summer experience with Young Entrepreneurs was like no other. Not only did I gain helpful insight into the professional business world, but I made far more money in the summer than most college students would have at other jobs/internships. Before this internship, I could not even imagine walking up to a stranger and talking to them, much less knocking on their door to promote my business. Now I feel as though I have the skills to talk to anyone about anything, which I would not have gained without YEAA. I also gained confidence in myself to achieve my goals, no matter what obstacle is in my way. By the end of summer, I managed to produce over $71,000 in revenue while profiting over $20,000. If you would have told me one year ago that I would be running a large painting business while profiting tens of thousands of dollars, I would have called you crazy. Along with having a successful rookie year, I was able to land a position as an executive for the 2022 season! I look forward to growing young college students into successful entrepreneurs, and to growing myself as a person even more as I enter a new role in the company!

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