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Matt Buhl

Matt Buhl worked with Young Entrepreneurs from 2014 to 2016, where he was a branch manager for a year and an executive manager for two years. During his first year, he ran a $72,000 business and by the end of his time here he grew to $285,000, making around 15 percent profit. The freedom that is given to the entrepreneurs is what inspired Matt to join Young Entrepreneurs the most. He was able to decide what he wanted to do, set his own schedule, run his own business, and create his own sales cycle. The grind and the grit that he learned from his experiences with Young Entrepreneurs is what got him where he is today. The opportunity taught him what it meant to work hard and how to build a relationship in sales. The life experiences that he gained is what has helped him become a broker for USI Insurance, where he currently works, at the age of 25. Matt is grateful for his opportunity with Young Entrepreneurs and happy that he made the move to join during his college years.

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