Student Executives

Ian McCarthy

New England Division

I just completed my second summer with YEAA and it has had some of the highest highs and lowest lows that I have experienced so far in my life. I just completed running a $290,000 business while profiting over $30,000. The real world experience I obtained from coaching a team of managers is going to be invaluable in my future career. This internship has pushed me beyond what I thought my potential was.  It is the best internship for the student who wants to rely on their own effort for success. You have to be able to handle taking complete ownership of your business. There is no other internship in the world that will give you more freedom and choice.  Which means that if you are not person who is willing to take accountability for your actions, then this is the worst internship in the world for you. This internship really teaches you what you are capable of. It takes a lot of grit to keep pushing through the tough parts of the summer, but the managers who have that grit are going to be the winners in this program.

Ryan Francis

Ohio Division

Student Painters has allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, to run a successful business. I have grown more as an individual, entrepreneur, leader and student more than ever before in my life. Student Painters has no ceiling on how much you can succeed and how much profit you can make.  In my case running an $45,000 business while profiting more than $5,000 my sophomore summer.  I was provided with a solid business model platform, told what I needed to do to succeed and the rest figured itself out. I’m not trying to sugar coat it, this was definitely the hardest challenge I have yet to face, but the reward of my hard work paid for itself.  Anyone that is looking for an opportunity that truly forces you to grow professionally would be missing a great opportunity by passing it up. Being able to compete and perform on the same level as fellow college students is a thrilling and life altering experience. Without Student Painters I would have no where near the business experience and knowledge I have today. This is an opportunity that not many people get to say they went through. I feel I have a great advantage over my peers after successfully completing my summer with Student Painters.

Jacob Brauer

Michigan Division

Going into my first year at Michigan State, I had no clue what I wanted to do after college. Taking an internship with Young Entrepreneurs during my freshman year at Michigan State was the best choice I could have made in growing as a person, as well as finding out what I wanted my major to be. That first summer, I ran an $85,000 Student Painters business, while employing six other college students and profiting over $22,000. This past summer as an executive, I oversaw $140,000 in total revenue, employed over 15 college students, and profited over $21,000. More importantly, I’ve learned so much about myself, being a leader, and how to be confident. Along with all of the connections I have made with other managers, executives, and full-timers, I know that I will be better off coming out of this internship than if I went any other direction. Could not be happier with the amount of support you receive in learning to manage your first successful business.

In my time with Student Painters I have had more fun, made more money, and most importantly grown more than in any other job I’ve ever had. I was able to run a $77,000 business and profit over $12,000 after my junior year of college with little to no previous business experience. I was set up very well for success thanks to the tireless and thorough support system set up by the company. I have made life-long friends and had some of the best times of my life while running my business. I could not recommend this internship more to anyone who wants to experience huge personal growth and have a blast in the process.

Justin Miner

Ohio Division

Shervin Sadr

New England Division

I began YEAA my freshman year at UMass Amherst. As a branch manager I ran a $100,000 business while profiting $25,000. My experience throughout the entire Student Painter process has been incredibly valuable for me, and was a huge step for my life. I was fortunate enough to be gifted with an opportunity to run my own business in my hometown, hire workers, make sales, gain knowledge, and be able to write my own story. The road I had to travel was one with plenty of obstacles every step of the way, which just makes for a more incredible story at the end of it all. I’ve strengthened my resume, experience, and learned more in my one year with YEAA than I have my entire life. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything, and is something that I would recommend to tenacious students looking for an opportunity to make a massive leap in their lives. 

Michael Acorn

Michigan Division

A year before I started this program I was introverted, apprehensive and unsure what my future was going to look like. I joined this program my freshman year at MSU with high hopes looking to further myself from my peers. Through multiple training sessions and classes provided by the company, it got me off on a great foot to start my own business. It allowed me to learn life skillsets such as responsibility, confidence, and management with the ultimate result of turning me into a leader. At the end of the summer I had finished off producing over $130,000 and profiting over 20k along with hiring and managing a team of my peers. This company gives you all the pieces to be successful including materials and mentorship and leaves you to follow the process to win.

My name is Madeline Hudson, this past summer I was a branch manager for Student Painters.  I was able to start and finish my first business of my life. I ran a $50,000 this summer in Lafayette, IN and profited roughly $13,000. I learned sales, marketing and production and implemented these tools into the real world, all before completing college. Without Student Painters I don’t know what I would be doing!

Madeline Hudson

Indiana Division

Max Chudzinski

Ohio Division

Student Painters has provided me with all the tools I needed to become a successful entrepreneur over the summer. Classifying this internship as “unique” is an understatement.  There is no other program for college students that provides you with the support network and skills to run your own business. All you need to do is supply the work ethic. If you are dedicated to your business then student painters is dedicated to you. One of the best parts of being a young entrepreneur is realizing all the old sayings you have heard such as “you get out what you put in” and “hard work pays off” ring true. This is not a 9-5 internship. It can be challenging. However, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks and there is no limit to what you can achieve. In February 2019 I was a rising senior with a strong work ethic, a weak resume, and no interviews. I went to an info session on a whim, skeptical, as I had zero experience running any sort of business. Two interviews and a few weeks later I was in Michigan going through training. Fast forward to the end of summer, as a first year manager I ran an $84,000 business and profited over $15,000. Student painters gives you the tools to success on a silver platter. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

Nic Stouffer

Ohio Division

This past summer, Student Painters was truly my family. Being taught the skills to successfully run a business as a college student is an opportunity that not many people my age are accustomed to. To then also be coached and taught by those who really want you to succeed as a person and those who really want to see you grow, is another aspect of this program that will stick with me forever. I personally ran a $70,000 business with a profit of around $10,000. This was a huge accomplishment in my personal life. Being a freshman in college and to have that upper hand and experience within the business world is priceless. I would not be able to say any of this if it was not for the family like atmosphere that the staff and other managers provide throughout the process. I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to work hard and put in the effort to move themselves up the ladder as a leader and as a person. Thank you Student Painters!

Kevin Hiselman

New England Division

In school you can read and hear about what running a business is like but you’ll never know what it’s truly like or how to go about running a business without going out and actually doing it. This internship is that opportunity. It almost sounded too good to be true after I attended an info session. After running a $110,000 business and profiting $20,000 this past summer I can say without a doubt that taking on this internship has been the best decision I’ve made in my life thus far. This internship allows you to better your communication skills, problem solving abilities, leadership, and so much more, but only if you put in the effort. You earn everything and nothing is given so it’s incredibly rewarding to see hard work translate into visible results. Invest yourself in this internship and you make leaps and bounds in your personal and professional growth. 

At the age of 19 years old, I was able to run a successful business with absolutely zero real world experience coming in. I ran a $75,000 business this past summer while profiting over $10,000. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do something like this at such a young age, but I am so grateful and blessed to have gone through this internship. I changed as a person both in a professional and personal manner for the better and learned so much about myself in the past 6 months. I know that I have a story that makes me stand out to employers and I don’t regret a single step of this journey!

Brittany Piening

Ohio Division

Luke Chase

New England Division

I was a junior at UMass when I heard about YEAA for the first time. As a branch manager I ran a $90,000 business while profiting over $16,000. The experience YEAA gives you of running your own business for the first time is unparalleled to any other internship or class that you can take in college. I’ve learned how to be accountable to not only myself but also my crew and my peers. The opportunity I was fortunate enough to have has given me the real world experience that’s given me a step ahead of most of my peers. Running my own business consisted of  going Cold calling door to door, managing my own revenue, collecting and following up on leads to schedule estimates, and hiring my own employees. This internship has given me skills such as management, finance, sales, recruiting and customer relations. The best thing about running your own business is that you control your own destiny. Student Painters has definitely been the best decision I’ve made so far in my life and by far the most fun and rewarding. The stories I can tell in any interview I walk into separate me from all other competition. 

Grace Veenstra

Michigan Division

Student Painters has been such an amazing tool for personal and professional growth. From the very beginning I was determined that I would make it through the summer. Besides “how hard would it actually be?” I didn’t realize how often my personal strength to stay committed to the company would be tested. The most important part was that I was never left to face my obstacles on my own. Throughout the summer I encountered many troubles that tested my resolve to a max. I was surrounded by a team of mentors who cared about my well-being and my future. With the help of the leadership of the company, I developed and improved skills that I will have for the rest of my life. By running a $48,000 business I gained a sense of responsibility and truly effective communication. These skills and many more are transferable to any career I decide to pursue in my future. Nowhere else will you find a company that not only has your best interest at heart but will have your back in any situation you encounter.

Student Painters gave me the opportunity to run my own business for the summer and I’m so happy I took it. It has taught me so much about leadership and management and gave me real life experience that I will use for the rest of my life. I produced $75,000 and had a profit of $10,000. This was by no means easy and took a lot of hard work but it was 100% worth it. I  met some of the best people and made some of my best friends. The best part is the competition with the other managers but everyone is still there to help each other. If you are presented with this and choose not to take it you are missing out on possibly the best opportunity you will receive.

Riley Parker

Ohio Division

Working with Student Painters in 2019 has been a life-changing experience. One year ago I would have never imagined running a $50,000 business after my freshman year of college. Student Painters is a great company because of the opportunities available.  The opportunities to run your own successful business as a college student is something that cannot be found at other internships. This company puts an incredible amount of trust in its branch managers and encourages them to work hard and put in the effort because it will pay off in the end. This has been a life-altering experience that has paid dividends for my future.

Nathan Arno

Ohio Division

Xavier Cole

New England Division

I joined YEAA as a sophomore at UConn and had the opportunity to run a $63,000 business while profiting over $12,000 in one summer. This internship really taught me what it takes to succeed in the work force. Every day was a challenge and required me to focus on many different aspects of the business. From marketing, budgeting, sales, customer communication, I was able to truly call myself an entrepreneur after this process. It was amazing to be able to work with so many like minded business professionals. I am beyond thankful for the insight, experience, and skills that this internship was able to provide me. The experience really made me realize how essential it is to crush goals, manage time, and taking full accountability as a leader. I look forward to continuing to develop as a person, leader, and professional while with this company. 

Student Painters was an incredible experience from start to finish. From interviews and trainings in the winter and spring, to making sales and painting in the summer. I finished out with an 85K business profiting around $17,000. I learned how to deal with employees and customers in different circumstances, ultimately building my personal experience and my resume. The company has a great environment and offers tons of great incentives. I attended a dinner at J Alexanders, a boat outing, and am going on a cruise to the Bahamas. Overall it was an incredible experience and I would do it again.

Kolton Kantzer Ohio Division

Cate Latting

New England Division

I just finished my freshman year as a business student at Northeastern. I chose to attend Northeastern because of the co-op program-- I know how valuable work experience is for finding opportunities after graduation, especially as a business student, and I wanted to set myself up as well as I could for success in the future. Young Entrepreneurs gave me a better experience than I could have hoped for in my first summer of college. I had the opportunity to run my own business in a summer, and get so many unique learning experiences. Very few other college freshmen can say they opened a business, managed employees, and produced over $80,000 of revenue, but Young Entrepreneurs allowed me to do all of these things, as well as build a close network of other motivated college students.  No matter what your field of study is, there are few skills that are more important than learning how to manage other people, handle logistical problems as they come, and take full accountability for your work. These are things that can’t be learned in a classroom, but are necessary for almost any endeavor you might take on in the future. Young Entrepreneurs gave me a chance to dive in and see what it’s really like to run a business, with the perfect balance of guidance and self-starting. I have learned so much with Young Entrepreneurs, and I could not be happier with my experience.

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