Student Executives

Acorn, Michael.JPG

Michael Acorn

Michigan Division

Choosing to become an executive is definitely a huge decision and step to further one’s self-growth and leadership. The concept of coaching and mentoring other managers in starting their own business and gave me the most accountability and responsibility at 19 years old, it was something that I knew I would never get at any other internships. A huge thing that I have learned this year is how to manage and coach other branch mangers in different styles that mold around their own personality. Taking all of the learning curves of this year, I am projected to oversee $500,000 in revenue this summer. This is a goal that I did not think was attainable at just 19/20 years old. The income potential I am looking at on top of all of the knowledge I am learning through YEAA is somewhere between 45k-50k in just a 4 months span. The biggest difference from first year and second year is how much you are juggling and pivoting on in any given day. There is so much going on when there is 4-6 jobsites underneath you rather that just one. Comparing the last two years combined, out of everything I have learned, 10% came from my rookie year and 90% has come from being an executive. If you are truly considering taking yourself to the next level, understand that becoming an executive will create the highest elite version of yourself.

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Ashley Metangmo

Indiana Division

Running a business at the age of 19 has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. YEAA has allowed me to set myself up for success by giving me the opportunity to learn all the aspects that one needs to run a successful business. Through this program, I’ve been able to gain experience in sales, recruitment, production management and much more. During my first year with YEAA, I ran over a $75,000 business while profiting over $10,000. With great mentors and a reliable support system, I was given the tools needed to succeed. With everything that I’ve learned thus far, I’m excited to be continuing my journey with YEAA in helping provide the same life changing experience that I’ve received to other like-minded students.

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Jenna McBride

Ohio Division

Going into my sophomore year at the University of Dayton, I was set on finding an internship to make money and boost my resume. In the fall I came across Young Entrepreneurs Across America and knew this opportunity was unlike any other. I had the chance to not only run my own business but to earn $15,000 in profit while employing 30 high school and college students. Going into this internship, I had no experience in outdoor work, painting, or management. While running a $120,000 business I had an opportunity to grow as a person while learning skills in selling, management, leadership, customer relation, and responsibility. Reflecting on the summer, I cannot believe all that I accomplished as a sophomore college student. I would highly encourage any who is looking for a challenging internship to take this opportunity to learn more about the company.


Cameron Patterson

Ohio Division

I was an electrical engineering major going into this internship. I still am an electrical engineer major but with so many more skills in the business industry that will help me achieve anything in a professional way. This past year I ran a 40k business and now want to get a business and entrepreneur minor. This internship made me realize everything from the cost of everyday expenses to how many business processes work. This year may have been a challenge but it has single handedly made me grow and realize how independent I can be. I think completely different from when I was hired in the fall. It is amazing how much someone can learn in just a year and how Young Entrepreneurs have made me really appreciate my studies and work ethic because it makes me want to go further with everything I do. This next year I will be striving forward to use the information and skills I got this past year to achieve much more and build on others skills through mentoring other managers.

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Mike Morrill

New England Division

I decided to join YEAA and run my own branch of Young Entrepreneurs because I saw it as an incredible opportunity to grow and also gain real world experience running a business. The amount of personal and professional growth I have achieved through this internship is unparalleled to any other experience I have ever had before. I have obtained experience in marketing, sales, management, recruiting and so much more. Another great part of this internship is the networking aspect of it. I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with so many other ambitious, like-minded students that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t done this internship. This internship constantly reminds me that you are capable of accomplishing so much more than you perceive to be possible, if you are simply willing to put in consistent effort and grind through adversity. I know that by the end of this summer, I will look back and be extremely glad to have taken part in this internship as well as walk away with a story that will set me a apart from almost all of my peers.

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Jacob Guy
Indiana Division

My name is Jacob Guy and I was a Branch Manager for YEAA in 2021. I started my journey by an email from who ended up being my mentor. I had no clue how to run a business or what I was getting myself into. There was a lot of responsibility that I had to take on, but with that I have gained so much knowledge as well as good resume experience. I am thankful for this opportunity not only because I learned valuable skills such as how to paint extremely well, but also how to lead a team and help them become better on their journey and develop relationships. There is a lot of things you can learn about running your own business one day by taking on this internship. When things get tough and you feel like quitting, remember you are developing a mindset that could change your future by sacrificing a summer to not only gain knowledge, but make good money too.

Chris Persiko.jpg

The experience that I have had with Young Entrepreneurs has been life changing. Going from being a regular college student to being able to run my own $100,000 business has been something that I had never previously thought was possible.  

This experience not only made me grow as a businessman, but also in life. The management, communication, and leadership skills that this internship has taught me have put me years ahead of most of my peers in terms of real world experience. It has been truly life changing. 

Chris Persiko
Pennsylvania Division

Jacob Kasmar.jpg

I have been a part of Young Entrepreneurs Across America for less than a year and I have learned more about business than most do in a lifetime. YEAA has not only taught me valuable skills but has inspired me to pursue entrepreneurship in the future. I have learned how businesses operate both on the back end and out in the field. Young Entrepreneurs also taught me about the importance of having a strong and passionate culture. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be an executive and learn how to scale my business. YEAA will be the most pivotal step in the creation of my own personal finance and computer science based business.

Jacob Kasmarcak
Ohio Division

Xavier Ried.jpg

Young Entrepreneurs was one of the best decisions I made as someone who wants to run their own business one day. It has helped me learn a lot about how to run a business and how to hire and manage employees. It has also helped with learning to deal with customer relations. This internship has helped me tremendously by growing my leadership skills and communication skills. Also, this internship puts you around like-minded individuals who will help motivate and elevate you to your own goals. Looking back, I would not have wanted to do anything else and I am glad I took this opportunity. 

Xavier Ried
Ohio Division

Josh Marsh.jpg

Josh Marsh
Ohio Division

My summer experience with Young Entrepreneurs was like no other. Not only did I gain helpful insight into the professional business world, but I made far more money in a summer than most college students would have at other jobs/internships. Before this internship, I could not even imagine walking up to a stranger and talking to them, much less knocking on their door to promote my business. Now I feel as though I have the skills to talk to anyone about anything, which I would not have gained without YEAA. I also gained confidence in myself to achieve my goals, no matter what obstacle is in my way. By the end of summer, I managed to produce over $71,000 in revenue while profiting over $20,000. If you would have told me one year ago that I would be running a large painting business while profiting tens of thousands of dollars, I would have called you crazy. Along with having a successful rookie year, I was able to land a position as an executive for the 2022 season! I look forward to growing young college students into successful entrepreneurs, and to growing myself as a person even more as I enter a new role in the company!

Gene Hendrickson.jpg

My name is Gene Hendrickson and I attend Jackson College. YEAA has offered me unrivaled experience and opportunity when it comes to business and personal growth. Over the past year I had the opportunity to go out and run a $100,000 business and make great money in the process which I would have never thought would have been possible before! I am honored to be able to come back for the 2022 season as an executive and guide others to do the same as I have done over the course of the 2021 season!

Gene Hendrickson
Michigan Division

Logan Gakstatter.jpg

Logan Gakstatter
Michigan Division

Completing the Branch Manager Position was the best learning experience of my life. It was such a successful summer, which is the reason I am returning to be an executive. I ran a $95k business with over 22% profit! My biggest goal is to influence and affect other branch managers lives as much as my executive did mine. This program has made me a better person in and out, I have gained so much knowledge and strengthened my skills. The culture of YEAA is what keeps me invested and wanting to come back, I have made life-long friends and connections that will last a life time, being surrounded by like minded individuals was the best situation I could put myself in. I have learned so much in just one summer, I am looking forward to learning even more coming back as an executive.