Student Executives

Jacob Brauer

Michigan Division

Returning for another year as an executive was an easy decision. I desired to provide others with the opportunity to grow (as I had received in my initial year at YEAA), as well as continue to expand my knowledge and leadership skills in the business world. Being an executive has shown me that everyone has the ability to improve their communication and decision-making skills - all it takes is a little practice and effort. In my first year, I generated $84,000 in revenue while profiting over $20,000, and more importantly learned more about entrepreneurship than one could ever hope for in a six-month span. I project that in year three, I will oversee over $400,000 over seven branches in total revenue and profit around $25,000. Over the course of my three years here, I have learned how to not only manage my own business, but also how to mentor others who are beginning their first venture. I am very excited to see what these managers are capable of in the second half of the summer.

Michael Acorn

Michigan Division

Choosing to become an executive is definitely a huge decision and step to further one’s self-growth and leadership. The concept of coaching and mentoring other managers in starting their own business and gave me the most accountability and responsibility at 19 years old, it was something that I knew I would never get at any other internships. A huge thing that I have learned this year is how to manage and coach other branch mangers in different styles that mold around their own personality. Taking all of the learning curves of this year, I am projected to oversee $500,000 in revenue this summer. This is a goal that I did not think was attainable at just 19/20 years old. The income potential I am looking at on top of all of the knowledge I am learning through YEAA is somewhere between 45k-50k in just a 4 months span. The biggest difference from first year and second year is how much you are juggling and pivoting on in any given day. There is so much going on when there is 4-6 jobsites underneath you rather that just one. Comparing the last two years combined, out of everything I have learned, 10% came from my rookie year and 90% has come from being an executive. If you are truly considering taking yourself to the next level, understand that becoming an executive will create the highest elite version of yourself.

Kevin Hiselman

New England Division

I decided to return as an executive because I saw the opportunity to lead students to the success I found my first year. I also realized right away that I'd learn how to inspire people to put forth their best and learn how to scale and replicate a business model. Recognizing that these two skill sets are heavily compensated for in the business world and will pay out immense dividends in my future, it was a no brainer for me to return to cultivate and learn these new skills while also having the opportunity to develop and foster new relationships with high caliber people. Thus far I have learned how to lead people at a higher level and how to replicate and scale the Student Painter blueprint to seven different branches. My overall revenue goal is $600,000 and I plan to profit around $55,000. The difference between my first and second year is that year 2 forces you to be better. It's more accountability, more hustle and boatload more fun. You learn how to build stronger relationships with people and have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and accountability than any other student at your college, guaranteed.

Luke Chase

New England Division

I was a junior at UMass when I heard about YEAA for the first time. As a branch manager I ran a $90,000 business while profiting over $16,000. The experience YEAA gives you of running your own business for the first time is unparalleled to any other internship or class that you can take in college. I’ve learned how to be accountable to not only myself but also my crew and my peers. The opportunity I was fortunate enough to have has given me the real world experience that’s given me a step ahead of most of my peers. Running my own business consisted of  going Cold calling door to door, managing my own revenue, collecting and following up on leads to schedule estimates, and hiring my own employees. This internship has given me skills such as management, finance, sales, recruiting and customer relations. The best thing about running your own business is that you control your own destiny. Student Painters has definitely been the best decision I’ve made so far in my life and by far the most fun and rewarding. The stories I can tell in any interview I walk into separate me from all other competition. 

Riley Parker

Ohio Division

I decided to come back as a rookie executive because I enjoyed my first year so much and wanted to be able to help give people that same experience. I have always loved helping and teaching others and coming back as a rookie executive allowed me to do just that. I have learned how to delegate much better than I did my first year. I have been forced to learn how to give up a little control in my own branch and trust those I hired to ensure I am still giving all of my rookies the attention they need and deserve. I am going to oversee a total of 300k in revenue amongst my own branch and my manager’s branches as well as personally profit 27k. There is much more responsibility that comes with year 2 because you are no longer just ensuring your own success but also play a large role in the rookie manager’s success. As much fun as it is to succeed yourself I have honestly enjoyed watching them learn and grow through this process more.

Cate Latting

New England Division

I was inspired by the rookie executives from my first year. I admired how polished, professional, and knowledgeable they all were, and I wanted to be in the same spot. I also saw the friendships between all of them, and I wanted that as well. Year 1 created acquaintances, but Year 2 made them lifelong friends, and people I can always rely on personally and professionally. Returning as a rookie executive has given me an even greater sense of accountability, and taught me how to lead a team from a more hands off position. As difficult as it is to force yourself to get off the couch and flyer, that was easy compared to inspiring somebody else to do it for their business. As a manager, I proved that I had the tenacity to make this happen for myself, but as a rookie executive, I had to create the plan for success and hold other students accountable to seeing it through. The extra responsibility also comes with extra compensation, which can’t be ignored. I have the chance to scale my business from $80,000 to over $230,000 in a year, and profit close to $25,000.

This internship has taught me so many valuable things that I wouldn't have got at any other internship. This summer I oversaw $160,000 worth of revenue, while profiting $35,000. Everyone at the company is supportive and motivated. My executive, Jacob Brauer, pushed me to the very end and I am thankful for that. Even though this summer was a lot of work it was very rewarding.

Noah Ellinger

Michigan Division

At the age of 19 years old, I was able to run a successful business with absolutely zero real world experience coming in. I ran a $75,000 business this past summer while profiting over $10,000. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do something like this at such a young age, but I am so grateful and blessed to have gone through this internship. I changed as a person both in a professional and personal manner for the better and learned so much about myself in the past 6 months. I know that I have a story that makes me stand out to employers and I don’t regret a single step of this journey!

Brittany Piening

Ohio Division

My experience at YEAA has been life changing. The journey as a branch manager has taught me many skills that I will carry with me for a very long time. If you would have told me last year that I would have ran a $75,000 business and profit 25% I would have thought you were kidding. This is an internship I would highly recommend for anyone not just business majors. You can expect a lot from it and get so much more.

Jacob Fricker

Ohio Division

Ben Seehousen

Ohio Division

I’m a senior at the University of Cincinnati. The time I have spent with Student Painters has been extremely rewarding. The fact that I am a college student running a 65k business and who is still not done with the season is an experience that can’t be matched. I have always considered myself a leader and this program has done a great job developing and polishing my leadership skills. The meaningful support of my mentor and the office staff has been both professional and courteous while helping me achieve my goals. Not only are the learning experiences and skills acquired throughout this program ones that I will have forever, but they’re also something that I’m looking forward to utilizing for upcoming job employment opportunities.

Harpreet Lealh

Ohio Division

When you walk into a conference room full of people with dreams, you tend to think about where you’ll end up at the end of this internship. I know when I first started, I looked all around the room and pointed out people that I believed would run a better business than me. If I’ve learned anything in this internship, it’s that one thing can take you the distance. In my time at Student Painters, I have taken only 3 days off. As of June 25th, I’ve sold $84,678 and my crew has produced $61,345 while profiting $13,000 currently. At the current pace we are at, I will be able to reach my goal of producing $100,000 dollars. This figure goal sounded crazy in the beginning, but I am truly blessed to be in this situation. It comes to show you that hard work and dedication will let you pass barriers that you never knew you could shatter. It may sound like a pain waking up each morning at six, making sure you call all your leads and pendings on time, and marketing every day. But if you can do that and manage a proper crew, any manager can go the distance.

Student painters broke my idea of a boring office internship by offering the most real job opportunity imaginable with the experience in sales, marketing, and management. With everything I have learned this summer, I know I am years ahead of my peers.

Andrew Doviak

Ohio Division

Jenna McBride

Ohio Division

Going into my sophomore year at the University of Dayton, I was set on finding an internship to make money and boost my resume. In the fall I came across Young Entrepreneurs Across America and knew this opportunity was unlike any other. I had the chance to not only run my own business but to earn $15,000 in profit while employing 30 high school and college students. Going into this internship, I had no experience in outdoor work, painting, or management. While running a $120,000 business I had an opportunity to grow as a person while learning skills in selling, management, leadership, customer relation, and responsibility. Reflecting on the summer, I cannot believe all that I accomplished as a sophomore college student. I would highly encourage any who is looking for a challenging internship to take this opportunity to learn more about the company.

As a first-year college student, I never would have believed that I could run over a $53,000 business with no previous entrepreneurial experience. Throughout my internship with Student Painters, I grew both personally and professionally, developing valuable management and communication skills that I will take with me to future employment. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity and to have this special story to set me apart from the average college student!

Tori Morrison

Ohio Division

I learned so much this summer about running a business, this includes learning how to interview, hire and manage 5-7 employees, and overseeing over 65k in sales. Learning how to be more disciplined and holding myself accountable throughout the summer helped me succeed. I would definitely say that this internship was a life changing experience and has taught me so much

Sarah Wilford

Ohio Division

Cameron Patterson

Ohio Division

I was an electrical engineering major going into this internship. I still am an electrical engineer major but with so many more skills in the business industry that will help me achieve anything in a professional way. This past year I ran a 40k business and now want to get a business and entrepreneur minor. This internship made me realize everything from the cost of everyday expenses to how many business processes work. This year may have been a challenge but it has single handedly made me grow and realize how independent I can be. I think completely different from when I was hired in the fall. It is amazing how much someone can learn in just a year and how Young Entrepreneurs have made me really appreciate my studies and work ethic because it makes me want to go further with everything I do. This next year I will be striving forward to use the information and skills I got this past year to achieve much more and build on others skills through mentoring other Student Painters.

Ashley Metangmo

Indiana Division

Running a business at the age of 19 has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. YEAA has allowed me to set myself up for success by giving me the opportunity to learn all the aspects that one needs to run a successful business. Through this program, I’ve been able to gain experience in sales, recruitment, production management and much more. During my first year with YEAA, I ran over a $75,000 business while profiting over $10,000. With great mentors and a reliable support system, I was given the tools needed to succeed. With everything that I’ve learned thus far, I’m excited to be continuing my journey with YEAA in helping provide the same life changing experience that I’ve received to other like-minded students.

I never imagined that I could grow so much in one summer; personally and professionally. I could not have asked for a more beneficial experience. During my first year I ran a $84k business and profited $15k and has allowed me to purchase my first reliable car and pay rent. With the continual support system that was provided I was able to persevere through stressful and overwhelming times. The confidence and determination this internship has instilled in me will certainly propel me to a bright future. Next year I plan to come back and mentor others to run a business and help them grow as much as I did.

Gabe Stover

Pennsylvania Division

Carrie Brooks

New England Division

My internship with the Young Entrepreneurs Across America has most definitely been a unique experience, and absolutely one I don’t think I would be able to find anywhere else. I received excellent coaching on more than just business, but on self-motivation techniques, how to find your drive, and how to get over hurdles and keep moving forward even when the going gets tough, and when it would be convenient to quit. I joined Student Painters understanding it would be challenging, and likely be a lot of hard work, but I was excited for where it would take me and how well it would prepare me for my career. I have enjoyed absorbing as much as I can from my internship with Y.E.A.A. and there will be so much more to take from my experience here.

Enin Mulligan

New England Division

When I was introduced to Young Entrepreneurs Across America in my freshman year of college in 2019, I really had no idea what to expect. I understood the business model and how the company generated revenue, but what I had yet to realize was the type of people I would meet through YEAA. Running a $150,000+ business at the age of 19 in my hometown was an incredible experience, and fortunately I have made enough money off that to comfortably prepare for my future. But despite my success with the program, the one thing that I have valued the most throughout this experience is the relationships I have built. I now believe that surrounding yourself with the right likeminded people is one of the most important keys to success, and luckily with YEAA, they have introduced me to hundreds of people with the same ambitious and creative drive to be the best version of me.

Mike Morrill

New England Division

I decided to join YEAA and run my own branch of Student Painters because I saw it as an incredible opportunity to grow and also gain real world experience running a business. The amount of personal and professional growth I have achieved through this internship is unparalleled to any other experience I have ever had before. I have obtained experience in marketing, sales, management, recruiting and so much more. Another great part of this internship is the networking aspect of it. I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with so many other ambitious, like-minded students that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t done this internship. This internship constantly reminds me that you are capable of accomplishing so much more than you perceive to be possible, if you are simply willing to put in consistent effort and grind through adversity. I know that by the end of this summer, I will look back and be extremely glad to have taken part in this internship as well as walk away with a story that will set me a apart from almost all of my peers.

Thanks to the leadership development organization Young Entrepreneurs Across America I have had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and have learned more about myself and the world around me than I could have imagined in such a short time. Throughout this internship you are forced to compete with yourself every day and by the end you can be proud that you accomplished something extremely rare. This internship will develop your personal and professional skills years beyond your peers. 

Joe Clifford

New England Division

Vincent Chen

New England Division

Before joining Young Entrepreneurs, I would’ve never imagined how drastically it could change my life. Being a branch manager for Young Entrepreneurs has allowed me to experience a dramatic professional and personal transformation. This internship has allowed me to open up from being a shy college freshman, to becoming somebody who can lead people and be seen as a role model. Originally, I was hired in September and never thought that this internship would work out. I can now confidently say that I ran a $90,000 business while making $17,000+ in just one Summer! I put my trust into this amazing company and the payouts were amazing. I am extremely grateful for everything that has been taught to me throughout this journey so far, and I can’t wait for the endless opportunities to come in the future.

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