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Jordan Hallau

This past summer has been nothing short of challenging, exhausting, and yet rewarding. Starting in the fall as a new hire and then working my way through the preseason to even working harder during the summer to collect and produce sales I’ve learned a great deal about myself, my crew, and what exactly I envision my career to be in the future. Overall, I was able to sell and produce $80K while also making a good profit. The thing that got me hooked on this internship was the diversity among others and how I was able to have hands-on real-world experience to develop leadership skills, communication skills, and business skills. There’s no denying that there were some bumps in the road throughout the internship but that became another learning experience as I navigated through them and overcame those struggles. And in the end, those struggles became a greater learning experience for not only myself but my crewmembers as well.

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