Student Executives

Cate Latting

Northeastern University

Young Entrepreneurs gave me a chance to dive in and see what it’s really like to run a business, with the perfect balance of guidance and self-starting.

Riley Parker

The University of Dayton

If you are presented with this and choose not to take it you are missing out on possibly the best opportunity you will receive.

Kevin Hiselman

University of Massachusetts Amherst

This internship allows you to better your communication skills, problem solving abilities, leadership, and so much more.

Michael Acorn

Michigan State University

This company gives you all the pieces to be successful including materials and mentorship and leaves you to follow the process to win.

Ryan Francis

Ohio University

I have grown more as an individual, entrepreneur, leader and student more than ever before in my life.

Kolton Kantzer

Ohio University

I learned how to deal with employees and customers in different circumstances, ultimately building my personal experience and my resume.

Grace Veenstra

Michigan State University

These skills and many more are transferable to any career I decide to pursue in my future.

Max Chudzinski

Miami University

Young Entrepreneurs gives you the tools to success on a silver platter. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

Justin Miner

The Ohio State University

I could not recommend this internship more to anyone who wants to experience huge personal growth and have a blast in the process.

Ian McCarthy

University of Massachusetts Amherst

The real world experience I obtained from coaching a team of managers is going to be invaluable in my future career.

Xavier Cole

University of Connecticut

I am beyond thankful for the insight, experience, and skills that this internship was able to provide me.

Luke Chase

University of Massachusetts

The experience YEAA gives you of running your own business for the first time is unparalleled to any other internship or class in college.

Madeline Hudson

Eastern Illinois University

I learned sales, marketing and production and implemented these tools into the real world, all before completing college.

Jacob Brauer

Michigan State University

Taking an internship with Young Entrepreneurs during my freshman year was the best choice I could have made to grow as a person.

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