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Kennesaw State University

Connor Weaver

As a student attending Kennesaw State University I have always been looking for ways to separate myself from my peers. Young Entrepreneurs Across America gave me an amazing way to accomplish this and develop myself both professionally and personally by giving me an opportunity to run my own business. Before this internship I knew my strengths, but I was also aware of my weaknesses and I wanted to find something that really suited my strengths while not necessarily challenge my weaknesses. I wanted to take the easy road and continue to develop my leadership skills while I did not confront my inability to plan, stay organized, or communicate. However, after accepting the branch manager position through YEAA I realized this was not an option if I wanted to succeed. Through this internship I quickly realized in the real business world accomplishing anything off only a couple skills will get you nowhere. It is imperative to be efficient in all aspects of business, both simple and complicated, if you wish to be successful. Not only YEAA able to train me in any business skills possible, but they also helped develop me to professionally apply them into the real world. Completing this internship is easily the greatest accomplishment in my life and an amazing story to put on my resume. Through YEAA you will face many challenges, but with the highly developed training program YEAA provides every problem your business could present you face with confidence. The training and personal development you gain through this program does not compare to anything else you could do, and I will always benefit from what I have learned from this program. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants to grow as a person, learn to plan and stay organized, and to mold themselves for success. I truly thank this program for what it has taught me and will always contribute a huge portion of my future success to my time with Young Entrepreneurs.

Ryder Deaton

A yeWhat is my purpose in life? What do I want to major in? Why do I feel like I have a different mindset than most of my friends and other college students? Where are the people who want to put in the work to be successful? These were all questions I commonly asked myself before this summer. Student Painters did not answer these questions directly, but helped finding a better understanding. I saw a Student Painters flyer at one of my friend’s apartments. At that time I was in the middle of a failing start up selling hover boards at a kiosk in Green Briar mall which is on the rough part of town. I knew that there had to be a better way to run a business and that I needed help. I felt that there was a reason for me finding that flyer. I interviewed with Alex Dalpiaz and Andrew London. I recognized that they had a sense of confidence and professionalism that I had not yet acquired. I believed in what they were offering; I saw something in them. I had no real idea what I was getting into, but I went for it. Student Painters is an internship where college students with little to no experience run a painting businesses for the first time. The executives with Student Painters are the cream of the crop when it comes to college students. Their job is to guide rookie managers though the branch manager experience. This summer Alex Dalpiaz was my executive. With his help I was able to run a $50,000 business and profit well. I recruited and managed four students my age from different backgrounds. Going into the summer one of my goals was to have none of my painters quit on me, and I was able to hit that goal. This internship taught many things: marketing, sales, recruiting, pay role, and management. The most important thing that Student Painters has me through it all is that no problem cannot be solved. I had to learn to control my emotions or they were going to control me. At times it seems like a lot was going wrong all at once. On top of that four guys my age were looking to you for guidance. I learned to step into that moment instead of being eaten alive by it. If I had any advice to give for potential managers it would be: trust the process, trust your executives, and most importantly trust yourself at all times.  I don’t know my exact purpose in life yet, but I have a better understanding. I now know that I want to look into a construction management degree. I found that Student Painters was full of individuals like me. It was an unbelievable summer, and I was truly blessed by this internship. 

Andrew London

My experience with Young Entrepreneurs Across America is one that I never expected and much different from any of the other managers. I grew up the son of a successful business owner and since I have been able to walk I worked in the family business up until I left for college. I started this internship with the mindset that running a business would not be that difficult and I would excel easily given my background. Was I ever wrong! It’s not that I lacked working hard physically but I learned quickly that mentally working is just as important as the physical aspect. As an athlete, along with my family’s success I have consistently had a sense of arrogance that I was all around better than anyone. YEAA gave me much more than an opportunity to run a business. It allowed me to have a true humbling experience that was a real reality check. The number that I finished with reflects my attitude and demeanor that I started with and I have nobody to blame but myself.  This internship really helped me to understand how difficult business is and how it correlates with everyday life. I would most definitely recommend Young Entrepreneurs Across America to any student who has the drive and determination to be successful in life regardless of what career path you choose to take.

Saira Khan

If I was asked a year ago what I knew about becoming an entrepreneur, I would tell you that I knew absolutely nothing except for that it was hard work. Young Entrepreneurs Across America gave me the opportunity to step up as a branch manager and take on a role as an entrepreneur by marketing, hiring my own employees and building a reputation within the community. YEAA helped take my raw ambition and mold it into what it is today. I dealt with customers on a daily basis, problem solving, and leading 5 employees. This internship showed me that as an employer, you are not only the one who cuts a check but also the one who builds a team and culture within your branch. This summer was very challenging; however, I can look back at it and say that it was a great thing to be a part of. I have made friends with some truly great people and have gained so much knowledge to help guide me to future success. So, ask me today what I know about being an entrepreneur and a businesswoman---this is what I would say!

Calvin Graves

I joined because running my own business and working for my own ends has always appealed to me. I believe that in business, building something from nothing is one of the hardest and most challenging experiences one can choose to take part in. As a senior in college who had not yet gotten a professional internship, what better way to make up for time spent waiting tables and tending bar? The skills I learned through this internship add up to far more than I can put into words on this testimonial. However, I’ll do my best. Some of the biggest takeaways from my experience with Student Painters would be problem solving, time management, employee and customer relations, and operations management. Problem solving undoubtedly comes in first. Being placed in a leadership role and having an operation depend on you finding the answer is a different story, however. I had to find a way, and I did. Now, I trust and believe in myself enough to take on the challenge of solving problems myself. Time management is a huge deal when you run a business. Every hour could make or break a day. There seems to be so much to do in every day, that if you don’t plan when and where you are going to accomplish tasks time will slip by. Taking moments before the end of each day to plan the next is something I will most likely do for the rest of my life now.  I was challenged to manage my time and myself efficiently, or get behind in operations. I ended up producing right at $70,000 in business, which is quite a feat to say I accomplished. I had little employee turnover and created a pretty decent culture. We were able to get work done, give each other a hard time (knowing it was all in good fun), and still keep our eyes on the prize. I hired and lead a team of employees, and ended the summer with some great new relationships and friends.

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