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University of Cinncinati

Halli Lindamood

Student Painters a very unique opportunity for college students to get hands on experience with business. Spending a summer with Student Painters you will learn just how much effort, determination, and resilience goes into running a business and you learn numerous invaluable soft skills. My experience at Student Painters gives me the confidence to walk into any job interview knowing that if I could run a profitable business with net revenue over $75,000 as a college freshman, I could definitely handle whatever job I’m interviewing for. I strongly believe that anyone can do this internship if they are willing to put in the effort to make it happen. I recommend this internship to anyone interested in business who has an ambitious spirit and an undying work ethic to make your vision come true.

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David Knollman

My name is David Knollman and I just completed my first year as a Branch Manager with Student Painters. One year ago I was reading these testimonials myself, trying to decide if this opportunity really was as amazing as it sounds. After experiencing the good days and bad days, I can still say yes, this is an incredible opportunity that I stumbled upon. In one summer, I greatly improved my resume, networked with very important people, and ran a $50,000 business. The value of this experience for me has been more than just a dollar sign, this has been more than just a summer job. If you take yourself and your future seriously, then I would highly recommend this challenge.


Matt Olszewski

My name is Matt Olszewski, I'm currently a junior at the University of Cincinnati and I just finished my internship with Student Painters. Going into this past summer, my goal was to surpass the typical retail job and secure a position that would enhance my resume and test my business skills. My experience with Student Painters was truly a roller coaster. From the February training to sales to running a crew, I covered the whole ten yards of how to be an entrepreneur.  I finished my summer with just under 40K in sales and doubling my earnings from last summer. I encourage anyone to take on the challenge of running your own business while still a young adult. I learned so much about my myself and gained so many real life skills.  I can't compliment the organization and communication of Student Painters enough. They knew every in and out of how to run a successful business, and relayed that info to us branch managers in the best, most underwhelming way possible. I'm grateful for being hired on for this internship and can't wait to see what comes from this experience.

Danny Rice

As a freshman in college, I was looking for that one thing I could do to really separate myself from those around me. Through my internship with Student Painters, I ran a business in my hometown of Mansfield, OH. I have had a total of 12 employees and 30+ customers. I learned much more about people and myself than I ever could have expected. I can honestly say I believe I have the diligence and the motivation to accomplish anything thanks to my internship with Student Painters. I finished the summer running a $72,000.00 business while profiting over $13,000.00. While the money is great, there is no price tag that can be put on everything I learned. I get to walk away from my freshman summer saying that I successfully ran my own business and am a well rounded young professional who has a leg up on most others my age.


Jake Fedders

Running a business has been an experience that has had a great impact on me.  Running a $70,000 business as a 19 year-old has taught me about time management, self-discipline, leadership, decision-making, and delegation.  I now see myself as a more responsible person, and am proud of the fact that I’ve provided a valuable service to my community.  I feel confident in future job interviews knowing that I have an ocean of experience through Student Painters.  It’s also nice to make over $10,000 working a summer job.


Evan Rinehart

This summer with student painters has been life changing. I learned way more about leadership and management than I would have ever imagined.  As a 19 year old, I was able to prove many wrong and run a $80,000 business and profiting around $16,000. The amount of hard work I put in through the entire season was well worth it and could have only achieved my goals with the help of all the mentors that helped me. This internship opportunity was one of the best things I could have done to help me with my future. If you have a lot of motivation to work hard and learn then this opportunity is one of the best things out there.

Jacob Pukys

Being a part of YEAA-Student Painters has helped me grow as individual a lot more than I anticipated. Coming into the internship I didn’t have a clue how to paint, let alone being the head of your own business with managing employees, marketing, selling jobs, etc. If it wasn’t for the mentors and guidance from the people throughout the company helping me each step of the way, I would have never been able to run a $50,000 business and overcome the adversity faced throughout the job. My communication skills, leadership, and problem solving were all improved immensely by the end of the summer. It goes as far as the growth in maturity and the way you carry yourself in a professional manner when talking to homeowners, your employees, and even employers. My favorite part about the program is each day you truly do not know what kind of adversity or hardships you will face, and it’s those problems that occur and how you react to them that makes you who you are as a branch manager and a person. I think this is the best opportunity for any young adult to experience that is interested in being an entrepreneur.

Rahmey Mubaslat

To date, my internship with YEAA/Student Painters has been my most life changing experience; this, I can say with confidence. Going into this internship I had a crippling fear of heights, had never had a real job, and had never touched a paint brush in my life. On top of that, I fractured my foot a few weeks before summer started. After a few sleepless nights of debating if I should continue or if I had bit off more than I could chew, I decided to make the most of the opportunity that I was given. Thankfully, my managers were there to help me through every step of the process. Three months later I had successfully ran a $30,000 business, profiting $6,000. While I fell well short of the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of this internship, due to limitations on physical activity from my fractured foot; the professional experience that I’ve taken away from this internship is unmatched. I HIGHLY recommend this opportunity to any college student; but it is imperative that you are driven and ready to work if you are going to succeed over the course of this internship.

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